Baby Shower Gifts

aby showers may be an American invention but they have become very popular in the UK. A number of companies now offer a ‘Wish List’ for them – rather as we have traditionally had Wedding Lists.

But there are still a large number of present buyers who prefer to buy something special. And special usually means beautifully packaged. In fact, where Baby Showers are concerned, it is often the beauty of the packaging that is key. We are looking at the pleasure of the mum-to-be excitedly opening the present. It is kudos to the giver that the gift is so beautiful.

But that doesn’t excuse the buyer from giving something that is useful! In fact, a mum who receives a beautifully wrapped unexpected present that actually turns out to be something she finds so wonderfully useful, builds a bond between her and the giver!

Here we list a number of presents which fulfil all this. Why not have a section purely devoted to beautiful products, all angling to be given as a gift?

A range of thoughtful gifts from Cheeky Rascals

Parents-to-be are typically inundated with unimaginative cuddly toys and baby grows in new-born size that babies quickly outgrow.

But there are plenty more original ideas for baby shower gifts that will not only stand out, but can also treat the mother-to-be and make new parents’ lives that bit easier.

Any new parents will find themselves talking about sleep, a lot, specifically a lack of it. Unfortunately, there is, as yet, no magic, baby-friendly product guaranteed to give you 7pm-7am but the breakthrough Love To Dream swaddling solution helps new babies settle quickly and establish a peaceful sleep routine. The unique arms up design emulates a natural sleep position and by eliminating the need for blankets, the Love To Dream range makes for a stress-free sleep for parents - truly making Love To Dream an essential baby shower gift.

A bath is a wonderful way to start the bed time routine, and with the NEW Cheeky Rascals Baby Bath Support, Mum, Dad and baby can relax and have fun together. The Baby Bath Support gently supports baby at the perfect height and softly cradles baby’s body allowing arms and legs to move freely. Hands-free, the Bath Support is perfect for bathing twins or older children together.

Another great gift range is the Zazu range of Sleep Trainers, Night Lights and Music boxes. Zoe the penguin is a gentle nightlight, wireless speaker and music box in one and is a gift that will be adored by both Mum and Dad and little ones. It has five pre-set melodies – from white noise to nature - but you can also use it as a wireless speaker paired to your phone using Bluetooth. Each pre-set plays for 20 minutes but it also has a genius setting that activates when baby cries or it hears a noise.

Find out more from Cheeky Rascals

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A baby gift made with bundles of care and goodness

Harry & Rose is a Luxury Baby Skincare developed in the UK and made with a host of natural, pure and organic ingredients.

We believe that what goes on baby’s skin should be lovingly formulated and of excellent quality. Offering a complete range of baby skincare products that have been uniquely developed to bring a sense of well-being, with carefully chosen ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin, suitable for new-borns and are properly tested for sensitive skin.

We pride ourselves in offering safe and dermatologically tested products, placing every effort in creating baby skincare formulations that are far from average, with amazing performance, affordable and beautiful presentation. Our focus is on quality and care, placing every effort to ensure the highest quality ingredients and overall performance of our products.

The range is free from Parabens, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, Dyes, Mineral Oils or Fragrance Allergens, because what we put on our skin matters. With carefully chosen ingredients that nourish and protect sensitive skin including: calendula, coconut, chamomile, cottonseed, aloe vera and sunflower. All Goodness, Natural Luxury with a gentle pH that is soft enough for daily use and suitable for new-borns and babies with sensitive skin.

Our product range is enhanced by a selection of elegant giftsets – a perfect gift for new parents welcoming their beautiful baby to the world. Our luxury baby gift sets are the ideal baby present for new-borns, new parents, baby showers, mother and baby. Beautifully presented in white elegant gift boxes for a special baby treat.

Customers can show their love with a thoughtful baby present that includes all essential products for a healthy baby skincare routine. Made with natural, pure and organic ingredients that help leave skin hydrated, nurtured and amazingly soft.

We are proud of our quality British manufacturing, which truly delivers high safety standards and it echoes our brand origins. We incorporate all things baby natural whilst offering premium quality products at affordable prices. Made with bundles of care and goodness - a gift made with bundles of goodness.

Discover a Luxury treat for your beautiful baby. Visit for more product details.

RRP of £23 for either gift set.

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The perfect gift, for baby and parent - The Rockit Rocker

A simple but very clever product, the Rockit Rocker keeps pushchairs and prams moving even when parents stop pushing.

The Rockit Rocker is a portable baby rocker, backed by the Design Council and two years in development it has already gained a massive following from parents whose little ones needed the added comfort of their pushchair or pram being rocked to help them settle and sleep.

The Rockit Rocker has a universal strap that will fit any pram or pushchair handle, it has a simple switch operation and an adjustable speed. Once switched on it gently rocks and soothes babies.
Rockit has been tested to the highest EU safety standards, is suitable for use from birth, is showerproof, has a 30 minute rocking cycle and is extremely quiet in operation.

With a RRP of just £39.99 Rockit makes the perfect gift, a gift that every parent will be grateful to receive.

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Unbox the latest from Bambino Mio

Give the gift of Bambino Mio like never before! Perfect for baby showers, new parents, birthdays, #treatyourself moments and more, Bambino Mio now offer five new gift set variations featuring a selection of their award-winning baby products.

Interest and sales of reusable products are growing as more and more parents are avoiding single-use plastic products and look for environmentally friendly alternatives. Bambino Mio’s product range offers parents significant financial savings while using products with less chemicals. For over 20 years, Bambino Mio have been working hard to promote the benefits and use of reusable nappies.

By switching to reusable nappies parents can help conserve our environment, eliminating the need to continually throw away used disposable nappies which can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Bambino Mio’s range of gift sets include:

The reusable nappy gift set is the perfect introduction to reusable nappies. Includes the miosolo all-in-one reusable nappy, wet nappy bag and change mat for the ultimate change-time solution.

The sweet dreams gift set can help parents and baby have a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Includes the miosolo all-in-one nappy, mioboost (nappy boosters) to maximise absorbency overnight and miosquares (muslin squares) to use as a super soft comfort blanket.

The new arrivals gift set is sure to be used again and again. Perfect for new parents this set includes miosquares (muslin squares), pram pegs and a reusable on-the-go change mat.

Both the bamboo swaddling gift set and muslin squares gift set are essential for any parent. Gorgeously soft and natural, the 100% bamboo swaddling blankets and 100% cotton muslin squares are versatile and have so many everyday uses. Use with pram pegs to attach to prams, car seats and elsewhere while on-the-go.

Bambino Mio’s gift sets are available in a variety of designs to suit any style and at an affordable RRP from £19.99 each set includes eco-friendly must-haves perfect for any parents and parents-to-be. There is no better time to stock these products as interest in environmentally friendly alternatives has never been greater.

Bambino Mio manufacture a multi award-winning range of reusable nappies, baby accessories, swim and potty training essentials which are better for baby, better for parents and better for the environment.

For further information on products in the Bambino Mio range please visit

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Healthy grins with Brush-Baby

What price can be put on a baby’s healthy gummy smile or toothy grin? Brush-Baby, the infant dental-care specialists have a range of gentle and uniquely formulated gum and dental-care products that would make great and inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts.

Although you can’t see a baby’s teeth when it’s born, they are developing underneath the gums and that’s why it’s vital to start looking after a baby’s oral welfare as early as possible.

Why? - Wiping a baby’s mouth, gums, tongue and inner cheeks removes any build-up of bacteria and sugars, familiarises a baby with an oral care regime as early as possible, can help prevent teething pain and prepares a healthy environment for teeth to eventually emerge into.

Designed by a mum of a teething baby and developed in collaboration with a dentist, the easy-to-use products including DentalWipes, Toothpastes and Teething Products, give babies the best dental start in life.

With starting prices from £2.10 for a baby’s FirstBrush Toothbrush, these dental Baby Shower gifts have the potential to ensure that a baby’s smile is healthy and lasts a lifetime. Now that is something to smile about!

Brush-Baby offer smart gum and toothcare products for babies, toddlers and children from newborn to six years of age.

For further details on how to look after a child’s dental health from day one of life visit:

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ClevaMama® Apron Baby Bath Towel

ClevaMama's multi-award winning towel is the safest baby towel on the market and is suitable for use from newborn to toddler. The towel also acts as a splash guard for parents, keeping their clothes dry, during baby’s 'playtime at bathtime'.

The X-large apron towel is designed to fasten around the parent's neck like an apron, giving them two free hands to lift baby out of the bath. This super soft towel is large enough to completely wrap around baby and cover their head with the hood to keep the heat.

Features include:

  • 100% cotton towel that is gentle on baby’s soft and delicate skin
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Double pile for extra absorbency
  • Special weave for drying between fingers and toes

Presented in a beautiful box the ClevaMama Apron Baby Bath Towel makes the perfect gift and is sure to drive high volume sales in store.

Available colours: Cream, White, Pink and Blue

RRP: £15.49
+353 1 8770724

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Beautiful blankets from Silvercloud

Blankets are a favourite gift for new babies – they’re tactile, useful, and a new parent can never have too many.

Silvercloud supply a beautiful selection of blankets, ideal for gifting as they’re all packed with a printed ribbon and a ‘To, From’ gift tag.

Their Baby Boutique Shawls and Blankets measure 70 x 90cm and are available in a choice of four chalky pastel colours, perfect for newborns. They are knitted in 100% cotton with a decorative edging, giving them an heirloom look.

Also made in 100% cotton, the Silvercloud Travel Blankets are available in a choice of three colours: two shades of grey and a muted teal, to complement most pushchair colours. They have a branded leatherette badge and are thick enough to keep little ones cosy outside.

With RPGs starting at £9.99, Silvercloud Blankets make an ideal addition to a gifting display in store.

Tel: 01692 408802

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Dr Brown’s range of Gift Sets

The Dr Brown's Newborn Options™ Gift Set is a unique gift for expectant parents providing all the equipment they will need to not only bottle feed their baby but will also give them the benefits of anti-colic vented system.

The innovative Dr Brown’s Options™is a complete feeding system that grows with baby helping to alleviate the symptoms of windy colic. The only anti-colic bottle recommended by Healthcare Professionals, Dr Brown’s is the only truly preventative anti-colic bottle on the market.

The Newborn Gift Set includes:

  • Dr Browns Microwave steriliser with tongs (can sterilise 4 bottles in around 6-10 minutes, plus 10-minute standing time)
  • Dr Browns 3 x 270ml bottles
  • Dr Browns 2 x 150ml bottles
  • Dr Browns 2 x level 2 teats
  • Dr Browns 2 x level 3 teats
  • Dr Browns 1 x bottle brush
  • Dr Browns 2 x travel caps

The new Dr Brown’s Options™ is the first convertible bottle that can be used with or without the green vent system, So that you can help prevent colicky symptoms during the first three months when colic is more prevalent. The unique Dr Brown’s internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles in the feed, so helping reduce colic and burping. Options™ grows with baby, allowing easy removal of the vent as baby develops, or no longer experiences feeding problems.

Dr Brown’s also offers a Special Edition Gift Set, which also make a unique and completely usable Baby Shower Gift. Each set comes with two 270ml Dr Brown’s Options Baby Bottles and one 150ml Dr Brown’s Options Bottle decorated with cute blue or pink illustrations, a Bottle & Teat Brush to ensure thorough easy cleaning as well as two Vent Cleaning Brushes.

The set also includes a Pre-Vent Soother which features the Patented Suction Free Air Channel developed by a Paediatric Dentist. When the time comes, mums to be will also be pleased to find a pink or blue Flexee Teether which has a variety of texture combinations to stimulate sore gums and mouths.

Fiona-Jane Kenworthy, Marketing manager at Dr Brown’s, comments: “The Dr Brown’s Gift Sets make an invaluable present for mums to be and one which they will be extremely grateful to use. Whether their baby suffers from colic or not, these unique products will ensure that they can give their baby exactly what they need – after all prevention is better than cure.”

For further information, please contact Dr Brown’s on: 01538 399 541 or e-mail

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Je Porte Mon Bébé, Parents but not only…

Je Porte Mon Bébé® JPMBB from Paris, winner for the Best Babycarrier & Best Babysling in the Made 4 Mums Awards 2018, gives parents the best choices to carry their babies both in comfort and ergonomically.

Well known for the beautiful color combinations from subtle to intense, JPMBB already offers four “BabyCarriers for everyone”: The Original, The Basic, The Little Wrap Without a Knot and the PhysioCarrier.

But the big news is the launch of their new baby carrier, The Hoodie Carrier.

The Hoodie Carrier was invented, designed and manufactured by JPMBB, so obviously it’s a natural extension of the same DNA as our other baby carriers.

Quality, reasonable price, respect for physiology and practicality – these are its built-in features. We’re not talking about a baby carrier made out of sweatshirt material, which would not be suitable for carrying. It is made of a 3D breathable all-seasons material offering a soft and slightly stretchy wrap-like feeling – OekoTex 100.

With this baby carrier, we wanted to give parents a tool that blends even more subtly into the world of today’s parents, without cramping their style or imposing the childcare look.

All our babycarriers are certified by OekoTex and the HipDysplasia Institute.

If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact Sophie at

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