Bouncing/Rocking Chairs

nce a luxury, some sort of small chair is now on the essential list of most mums. These can vary from the simple to the luxurious with lots of padding and toys for baby to play with. Many rely simply on the natural curve of the product to give it some bounce; others are designed to rock and some can do both!

Features mums look out for include:
  1. Bouncing and/or rocking mode
  2. Padding – lots of padding makes the seat feel luxurious
  3. Reclining position – sometimes babies want to sit up; sometimes they want to lie flat and sleep. Some chairs offer the option for both.
  4. Size – some chairs are much more bulky than others. For some mums this can be a plus point; others are not so sure.
  5. Folding – if they want to take it out with them, a seat which doesn’t fold is difficult to fit in the car.
  6. Vibration mode – this is a setting which can make the chair gently vibrate – great for soothing fractious babies!
  7. Toy bar – to entertain the child.

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