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obody ever likes to think of their baby being unwell. Sadly most of them are at some time. But even a simple cold can be distressing and parents need to be prepared.

A blocked nose means a baby has difficulty in breathing and also difficulty in feeding. Whereas we adults simply get a tissue and blow it clear, a baby cannot. A simple aspirator does the job - every home should have one. Likewise a thermometer. How else can a parent determine whether baby has a temperature that is cause for concern? Other thermometers are also useful for ensuing the nursery is at the right temperature and the bath water is neither too hot or too cold.

Toothcare is very important to ensure babies' teeth grow well and strong. There is much on the market to help.

Toothpaste needs to be user friendly - that is has a pleasant taste (I sometimes wonder why we always go for minty tastes when the kids' stuff seems so much more interesting - Raspberry toothpaste? Yummy!). Kids also have a tendency to swallow the paste rather than spitting it out so again, it needs to be safe to eat as well. The addition of Xylitol can help prevent cavities in little teeth.

The other key ingredient is the toothbrush. Easy for them to hold and easy for them to get into all corners with a brush that's just right. Again, there's lots of choice.

Products such as these are never going to be top of a parent's shopping list - it's not the sort of thing they think about! But they are still essential purchases. 

Babycup First Cups - the weaning cup every child needs

Health experts are urging retailers to stock Babycup First Cups and be up to date with the weaning cup dentists and health visitors are recommending.

NHS Oral Health promoter Lynette Anear recommends stores advise their customers to pick up a pack of Babycup First Cups when shopping for weaning kit. Anear says, “This little cup is an essential. Everyone should sell it.”

Multi award-winning, made in Britain and BPA-free, Babycup’s mini open drinking cups are for every highchair mealtime from weaning onwards. They are also suitable for cup-feeding infants, giving them an impressive age range from 0-2.5 years+.

Parents and children love Babycup First Cups not just because they look good but because they do good too, encouraging sipping, developing fine motor skills and very importantly, supporting dental health. Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent childhood diseases in the UK and overseas and the Babycup team is committed to helping change this.

Already a hit across the globe, you can add this feeding essential to your baby products roster by contacting Babycup on 01483 866081 or

T: 01483 866081

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Get Aquainted with Vital!

Vital Baby Aquaint is a multipurpose, 100% natural antibacterial Sanitising Water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds.

Containing no alcohol, harsh chemicals, fragrances or preservatives, it is safe for use on surfaces, hands and body (from birth). So gentle and pure that it easily passed stringent UK drinking water tests and has been endorsed by Allergy UK as suitable for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Great for use all around the home or when out on day trips!

Vital Baby has an extensive range of award-winning weaning and feeding products as well as a wide selection of cups. To make weaning as simple as possible, the BabyFood Pro can make fresh, nutritious homemade meals in as little as 15 minutes. The BabyFood Pro can also be used from birth as it also warms bottles to the ideal temperature.

Another “must have” product from the Vital Baby range is the Health & Safety Kit which includes a fun, bear design Digital Bath and Room Thermometer which not only accurately takes the temperature of baby’s nursery and bath water, but also acts as a cute bath toy for baby.

Included in the kit is the nasal decongester, with a soft silicone tip, it safely clears baby’s blocked nose quickly and effectively with a gentle squeeze. Completing the kit is the easy to use Flexisafe Thermometer, which can be used by the whole family. The built-in memory function will help keep track of body temperature changes over the course of the day.

Vital Baby also has some amazing products for when parents are out and about, such as the Travel Unbelievabowl, a suction bowl that really works and comes complete with a lid and spoon. The Weaning Set and Trap-A-Snack are great for taking food out with the family and Vital Baby’s disposable place mats and Mum On-The-Go is a great essential for changing bags and contains three disposable bibs and one large disposable change mat!

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Aqua Wipes - kind to newborn skin...AND the environment

Wet wipes are an essential item for parents and parents-to-be. From tackling nappy changing to cleaning messy faces, mopping up spills and wiping sticky fingers.

However, their existence is now under scrutiny due to the damage they are having on the environment and the realisation that, like so many other everyday throwaway items, they contain plastic.

According to Water UK1, the trade body representing the main water and sewerage companies in the country, wet wipes are not only responsible for a staggering 93% of blockages in UK sewers, they are also the primary component of the infamous giant obstacles known as ‘fatbergs’.

However, for parents who can’t be without their trusty packet of baby wipes by their side, there is an alternative! Aqua Wipes are the new fully biodegradable baby wipes created to be kind to the environment AND baby’s skin.

These revolutionary wipes do not use plastic-based materials and contain more than 99% purified water with an organic Aloe Vera extract formulation. Used by special care baby units, neonatal and maternity departments across the NHS and registered with the Vegan Society, Aqua Wipes are created with the environment in mind, while caring for even the most delicate newborn skin.

Dr Mark Little, Founder, Aqua Wipes commented: “When we developed Aqua Wipes we wanted to create a baby wipe that was different. By using a biodegradable fabric we knew we could minimise the amount of cleansing ingredients used every day on a baby’s skin, which in turn would reduce the chance of irritation and allergies, while also being kind to the environment. In fact, the preservative we use in Aqua Wipes is a Food Grade preservative, approved for use in foods as well as cosmetics.”

Aqua Wipes are available in the following four pack sizes:

  • Single 64-wipe pack
  • 256-wipe Value Bag (4 packs of 64 wipes)
  • 144-wipe Value Travel Pack (12 packs of 12 wipes)
  • 768-wipe Value pack (12 packs of 64 wipes)

For trade enquiries or to become a distributor please call 0845 838 7120 or email

Image Credit: @harlenbodhiwhite Credit: @leeleeloves

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Gum & Toothcare from Brush-Baby

Every day of the year, 22 children (aged 1-4) are admitted to UK hospitals to have a decayed tooth removed, which equates to 26,111 children per year*.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to look after children’s gums and teeth as soon as possible and Brush-Baby, widely recognised as a leader in children’s oral hygiene products and advice can help.

Brush Baby have now introduced Transitional Teethers for babies from three months. Launching this autumn, this range of unique Transitional Teethers are designed to help babies (and parents) to transition from soother to teether, replacing the sucking action and encouraging chewing, soothing gums and keeping new teeth clean. Front Ease Teethers are for gums and front teeth; Molar Munch for gums, side and back teeth and Cool & Calm for gums and all teeth.

Flossing is essential for cleaning places that a normal toothbrush cannot reach, and yes, baby teeth need to be flossed too! The First FlossBrush for babies and children aged 0-3 years, is the first of its kind on the dental market as it caters for tiny baby mouths and the dexterity of a parent’s hand.

SmileStones Club
Passionate about helping parents provide the best care for little ones’ gums and teeth, Brush-Baby has recently introduced its SmileStones Club. The free-to-join Club, ( sends money-off coupons, expert timely advice at the important stages of a child’s dental development - from pre-teething, through the tricky teething stage and onto a full set of adult teeth.

For more information see or email
Source: *NHS Digital September 2018

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