Bibs and Protectors

ll babies need bibs. They either dribble or regurgitate their food at some stage. Others just like to mess with their food, spitting it out rather than swallowing! And a good bib is worth its weight in gold, so make sure you stock the best!

On average, a baby will use between 5 – 15 bibs a day (information from extensive market research at The Baby Show). Whether it is dribbling from teething, infant reflux or just feeding time bibs are essential for keeping a baby clean and dry.

Bibs come in every colour, size, materials and price range. Bibs are being constantly washed, dried and often need replacing as they become stained from the strong colours found in baby food like the tomatoes and carrots. Strangely banana can turn bibs black.

The latest bibs are those to help not just with messy eating but the constant drooling that babies do. It’s estimated that we produce between two and four pints of saliva a day! Believe it or not, babies don’t produce any more saliva than adults – they just haven’t mastered the swallowing reflex that adults take for granted, so they drool. Drooling tends to tail off around the age of 18 months, as babies eat more solid foods and develop the ability to chew and swallow. Saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which starts the digestive process in the mouth. Unfortunately, amylase also irritates delicate babies’ skin, making it chaffed and sore when they dribble. A clear case for using dribble bibs!

Cheeky chomping

Cheeky Chompers is home of the award-winning Neckerchew, the world’s first chewy dribble bib for teething tots.

The Neckerchew combines the popular dribble bib concept with an attached chewy teether to soothe painful young gums. Available in 14 colourful styles including two fabulous designs with British designer Joules, it adds a stylish touch to any tots outfit. Fully reversible, it’s made from super-soft jersey cotton that is delicate on young skin but highly absorbent. A special absorbent middle layer locks dribble and moisture away from small chests and reduces irritation.

The textured teether at the base of the Neckerchew gives great ‘bite’, using an innovative, dimpled design to massage and soothe tender gums and encourage new teeth to break through. The teethers contain no phthalates, will never flake or peel and are 100% safe for babies to chew on – they are also machine washable at 40 degrees.

Thanks to these innovative attached teethers, the days of constantly retrieving and re-sanitising dropped teethers are gone - secured with a double popper fastener, the Neckerchew is fully adjustable and suitable for babies two months to three years, and makes an ideal gift along with the matching attachable teething blanket, the Comfortchew.

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Dribble On Baby!

Dribble Ons from the internationally acclaimed company Sock Ons provide a stylish and clever solution for babies who dribble. The ‘bandana’ look will complement baby’s outfit as well as keeping it dry.

Made from a soft combination of stretch cotton and terry towelling, Dribble Ons absorb moisture; whilst at the same time remain comfortable for baby to wear. They are ideal for use during teething or for babies who bring up milk after feeding. Suitable from birth right up to three years old.

Dribble Ons have a full spectrum of Classic and Bright shades which co-ordinate with every outfit. The Designer Range includes stylish nautical stripe Dribble Ons and Floral Ditsy which makes a great summer addition! Mulit-coloured Spotty Clown and Rainbow Stripes are our unisex best sellers!

Check out our latest Paisley Patterns which co-ordinate with the entire Sock Ons and Mocc Ons range. Dribble Ons make great gift items and co-ordinate with the whole Sock Ons, Mocc Ons and Plod Ons range, making them perfect add on items. All products come with counter top display units and a comprehensive PR campaign.

For further information on our award winning brand visit

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Expanded range from Baby&More

Baby&More have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with renowned bib manufacturer Mum 2 Mum and this year, the UK distributor will extend the range even further.

The popular Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs will now include a stunning Patterned Reversible Bandana Wonder Bibs collection. The unique, contemporary designs feature on one side of the bib and are backed by soft colourful brushed cotton with a waterproof fabric layer in between – two bibs for the price of one! Each will complement a child’s outfit while keeping them dry and mess-free!

In addition, two new pastel hues are added to the range including lemon and a cool mint. Leading high street retailer Superdrug recently launched a selection of Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs on their website and reaction has been fantastic.

The Mum 2 Mum collection comes in standard, bandana and sleeved and all are made from 100% cotton with a nylon backing. The bibs are totally absorbent and can hold up to a ¼ cup of water and the brushed cotton and adjustable necklines keep baby dry and clean as well as protecting against eczema. The two stud neck fastening also allows the bibs to grow with baby making them excellent value for money.

The Mum 2 Mum range also extends to the Plus collection which is perfect for older children with special needs. The range includes adult bandanas, back opening feeding aprons, super-sized feeding aprons and a youth bandana.

Katie Murphy, MD of Baby& More comments: “We are really passionate about the Mum 2 Mum range and have enjoyed seeing its success here in the UK. Retailers like Superdrug loved the new designs and we can’t wait to see them in stores up and down the country. Now we have extended the collection to include the Plus range we also hope to cater to a whole new audience and are liaising with nurseries and pharmacies too.”

For further information, please contact Baby & More on: 0844 824 6685

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We’ve got feeding covered with the Pop-in bib range from Close

A good bib is a must have for any parent but what makes a bib good? Well our award-winning Pop-in bibs are challenging the idea that one bib is much like the next.

Made of a fabulous waterproof laminate that is soft and comfy enough for a tiny newborn but structured enough to give you a reliable fold up pocket for toddlers ensuring those first foodie moments are a little less messy. Cleverly thought out, the bibs are reversible, giving you the perfect combination of absorbency and protection. The patterned side is wipeable and stain resistant…so bring on those dreaded carrots and bananas come teatime!...whilst the soft fleecy side is fast wicking and perfect for soaking up those inevitable dribbles.

Available in our fun an engaging prints – Lion, Hippo, Robot and Russian Doll - the bibs come in two sizes, stage 1 - newborn+ (RRP £4.99) and stage 2 - 6+ months (RRP £5.99). Both bibs fasten snugly around the neck with a side popper making it easier to put on a nipper but much harder for mischievous little hands to pull off again! They are incredibly easy to care for and quick to dry so can be back on baby in no time!

We have now extended our range of award winning bibs so that older babies and toddlers can enjoy the benefits too! Made from the same fabulous waterproof laminate as our smaller size bibs, our coverall bibs are wipeable, stain resistant and easy to care for. With their full length sleeves and a handy pocket at the bottom, they are the perfect solution for baby-led weaning and messy play! The bibs fasten snugly around the neck with a side popper making it easier to put on but much harder for mischievous little hands to pull off again! They come in two sizes, coverall bib stage 3 - 6 to 18 months and coverall bib and stage 4 - 18 to 36 months (RRP £7.99).

For further information about the range, please contact Graham Jackson or Leah Harris,, 01992 554045

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Bibs and bobs from Hippychick™

Hippychick brings you a great range of fun and funky bibs from Bumkins that see children through from the baby to toddler years.

There are five different styles of bib to choose from, depending on the requirement and age. Most recently a fantastic collection of Bandana Bibs has been added to the range – the perfect waterproof bib for teething babies with the perpetual wet chin!

For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus now on our current best seller – The Sleeved Bib. As with all the Bumkins bibs, it is made from an easy wipe and waterproof fabric, designed to make meal times that little bit easier and cleaner. There are lots of fun bright patterns to choose from, as well as Disney options.

Supremely practical they feature:

  • 35x35cm with Velcro or tie closure to allow for more adjustability
  • Sleeves for extra protection
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Easy-wipe waterproof fabric that resists stains and odours
  • Machine washable and colourfast
  • Lots of fun bright patterns.
  • An extra roomy catch-all front pocket for spills and crumbs
  • Free of PVC, BPA, phthalates and lead

In addition to being used at meal times these brilliant bibs can be used for a multitude of messy tasks to help protect clothes.

The Bumkins range is available exclusively in the UK by Hippychick. Email for more information or to place an order.

01278 434440

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Bibetta UltraBibs™- still the ultimate feeding bibs!

Neoprene has it all! Stretchy, springy, easy clean and super-durable! 10 years on Bibetta’s UltraBibs™ are still regarded as the best all-round feeding bibs by our customers.

  • Using surfer’s wetsuit material, neoprene, makes perfect sense!
  • It is waterproof, so kids stay completely clean and dry.
  • It is stretchy; children love the soft, friendly feel.
  • Neoprene is very durable, so parents get a long lasting bib.

  • Our cool, contemporary animal prints are in fun, bright colours which never fade and are almost stain proof, so will look fabulous for years!

    All our neoprene bibs have a clever, flip-out, squashy pocket which always springs back into shape. Kids love to eat food out of the soft, friendly feel pocket; great for baby led weaning.

    Bibetta’s Sleeved UltraBibs™ have a unique body shape which fits young children perfectly and has triple layer, waterproof sleeves for ultimate protection.

    Our Super Soft Dribble Bibs™ are unbeatable for smart style and truly effective dribble busting! They have a pleated front to catch lots of liquid, a micro-fibre fabric for super-fast absorption and a PUL backing for real protection from wetness.

    Would you like a catalogue and price list? We’d love to hear from you!

    Call Paul or Fiona Brown on 01223 840236. E-mail: Visit our website:

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    A new generation from Skibz

    Skibz, the clever little company that marketed the first and ORIGINAL bandana bib, welcome a new generation of dribble bibs and accessories.

    NEW Doublez designs add to the increasingly popular reversible bandana bib range. The five soft, attractive new Skibz are made in Britain, affixing poppers to them specifically for Pop-itz, and presented in co-ordinating gift packaging. Unlike other dribble bibs, Skibz use traditional rolled rather than overlocked seams; ensuring a beautifully durable flat edge that extends the bib’s life.

    Adjustable in size, these absorbent dribble bibs draw moisture away from babies’ necks, preventing soreness and chaffing and offering fashion and function in one neatly stitched package (RRP £10).

    NEW Pop-Itz are the latest problem-solver frfrom Skibz. Sure to become a baby necessity, this brand new innovation provides a range of practical bib accessories that simply pop onto Skibz Doublez, keeping cleverly detachable essentials clean, close and secure. Teetherz are easily chilled to soothe sore gums, and Suckerz keep soothers at hand for on-the-go comfort. Already available in various colours and designs, more Pop-itz are due for release throughout 2015 with an RRP of £5.

    Doublez and Pop-itz are suitable from birth and tested to the highest EU and British standards.


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