aving one baby is bad enough but two – or even more – can be very hard work indeed. So getting the right equipment to help is more important than ever as is getting the information on what works – and what doesn’t!

When a mum is expecting twins the key purchase has to be, what set of wheels does she buy? The choice is not as widespread as for singles, but it doesn’t mean she can’t have a pushchair that she’s proud to walk down the streets with. Obviously looks are key, but so are other features such as weight (a double is bound to be heavier, just make sure it’s not too heavy), ease of folding (mum is going to be tired and doesn’t need the hassle,), size (is it big enough for two and still go through the front door?) and of course, can Dad push it!!!!

Swivel wheels are best for doubles as otherwise they can be difficult to manoeuvre and seats that recline independently and use separate footmuffs, aprons and hoods are very useful as the babies will sleep at different times and have different needs.

One thing which mums shopping online may fail to pick up on is that not all double buggies are for two newborns. Several are aimed at the mum who has a young toddler and a newborn.

Having twins is expensive so giving new mums the right advice is vital.

Mother & Baby readers award Silver to the Nipper Double!

Out ‘n’ About are overjoyed to have received a Silver Award for the Nipper Double in the Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair category.

Returning home from a fantastic evening at the Mother & Baby Awards with a silver award was phenomenal. With a large number of new products shortlisted, and a competitive category, it was a fantastic result for the Nipper Double.

The award-winning Nipper Double is a sort-after double buggy with parents, grandparents, childminders alike who are looking for a side-by-side buggy. With its independently reclining seats, the Nipper Double is capable of comfortably seating two children of different ages or sizes. At a slimline width of 72cm the Nipper Double fits through a standard doorway. Boasting an extensive list of features the Nipper Double really is favoured by all.

It really has been a very successful year for the Nipper range with a vast array of Awards won in all categories. Out ‘n’ About are very proud of the products they design and it’s great that the Nipper has been recognised yet again.

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BabyBay Maxi - co-sleeping with twins without any of the associated risks

Traditional Moses baskets and cots tend to stand alone in the baby’s nursery or in the parents’ bedroom.

Usually this means that parents have to get up to feed and change one, or more often, both babies, taking them out of their cots and returning them once fed and changed. This can be tiring and uncomfortable for new mums, especially if they have experienced a difficult birth or a C-section. The Babybay Maxi Twin Bedside Cot offers an alternative as this innovative double cot simply attaches to the side of the parents bed providing a separate space for the babies to sleep, but within arms’ reach during the night.

Specially designed for twins the cot can be used for around six months and will clamp securely to most beds. To give parents even more room, a cot extension kit can be bought that extends the front by 15cm to create more space for growing babies. Once the Babybay Maxi has been outgrown it will convert into a twin seat/bench with the extension converting into a handy wall shelf. The Babybay Maxi Twin Bedside Cot is an elegant solution for co-sleeping twins with the added benefit of simple conversion to a wheeled cot and later a desk.
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Award winning support for mothers breastfeeding twins

When selling a breastpump to a family expecting twins, educating them on the benefits of double pumping is important.

Double Pumping (simultaneous breast expression) compared to single pumping (one breast followed by the other breast) not only saves time, ideal for mums of multiples, but the latest scientific research has confirmed further benefits for both mum and baby. When double pumping, mums express up to 18% more milk and the breastmilk expressed also has a higher energy content, which is especially beneficial for preterm infants.

When preparing to breastfeed it is essential that parents choose the right breast pump to support their feeding journey. The world’s leading breastfeeding brand Medela, have a range of double pumps available including the Swing Maxi, the only research-based breast pump on the market, which features innovative 2-Phase Expression technology, mimicking a baby’s natural nursing rhythm at the breast. Compact, easy to use and clean, it is no wonder it is a favourite for breastfeeding mums!

The brand’s double breast pump range also includes the Freestyle and Symphony Hospital-grade Breast Pump which is used in 94% of UK hospitals and is available to rent. With Medela’s Easy Expression Bustier available too, mums can even have free hands while pumping!

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