Weaning, Feeding and Bibs

eaning is that time when baby moves from being fed with a bottle to gradually eating more and more recognisable food. But they’re not ready to use the crystal and bone china just yet!

Because baby is usually a few months old before these things are born, mums don’t necessarily buy them in the same place as they bought the pushchair and the cot. And because they are not expensive items, they are often bought as an impulse buy. Mum sees something she likes and buys it without any further thought.

This means that one of the biggest outlets is the supermarket where Mum will pick things up as part of the weekly shop. The pharmaceutical trade is another important outlet – somehow the clinical feel of the local chemist reassures mum.

All this means is that the features of a particular item need to be obvious. Colour and price usually stand out and are often the main prompts to buy. Other features need to be highlighted. Sometimes this is done by means of the packaging or POS material but in other cases, it is up to the retailer to point them out.

However for cups, other mothers are one of the most important sources of information. If one Mum in a group sings the praises of an item, then often the others will also try that particular brand – often buying from the same outlet.

When talking about weaning items, many retailers think only of the obvious – training cups and bowls. But bibs are also an important purchase – again often driven by impulse. Few mums will make a special trip to buy a bib however good or attractive it may be. And there are other items – a baby cooker which steams and blends is not only useful to Mum but is an item with a healthy margin, or specially shaped cutlery.

There is a lot of innovation in this market sector. See the various entries for details. Maybe it’s time you changed your supplier for something with a difference!

Babycup – the First Cup that experts recommend!

Babycup™ First Cups - “The little cup that’s kind to baby teeth”- is the ‘go-to’ for health experts when recommending weaning cups, and, with over a million mini sippers and counting, the brand is helping make smiles across the globe!

Supporting oral, dental and childhood health by encouraging open cup sipping, Babycup is a well-respected and trusted British brand that continually receives 5-star rave reviews from consumers at home and overseas.

“When we started weaning I realised (my daughter) needed some water with her meals and offered her some of mine which she took but as the cup was large, it wasn’t ideal. These on the other hand are absolutely perfect. Ideal for her little hands and mouth, she has taken to them so quickly… Definitely recommend!” - Natalie, Babycup customer April 2018

With much of the developed world seeing a childhood oral health crisis, Babycup™ First Cups are championing a healthy approach from the start, which is a message that resonates with professionals and parents.

Babycup™ First Cups are a high quality, multi award-winning product, including the ‘Made for Mums’ Editor’s Choice Award 2018 – an accolade given only to four brands! Babycup have firmly established themselves as an essential weaning brand both at home, with leading retailers such as JoJo Maman Bébé and Waitrose, and now internationally with distribution in over 30 territories.

Beautifully designed and perfectly-sized for little mouths and hands, Babycup’s mini open cups are the First Cup that experts recommend and is the little high chair must-have that offers big benefits.

“We always recognised it could take time and patience to change mindsets, and we weren't afraid of that “says Sara Keel, Founder of Babycup. “It was just a shame that along the way that meant some little ones weren't yet benefitting. But a million mini sippers later and we can truly say the tide has turned. Patience, belief and the desire to play a part in improving childhood oral health. We are pleased to say health is not a niche issue and we are truly delighted at the public demand for Babycup First Cups and the excellent retailers we are working with.”

To find out more about stocking this best-selling product, contact Sara and the team at – hello@babycup.co.uk 01483 86601 www.babycup.co.uk

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Next-level weaning with the Beaba Babycook Neo and accessories

The Babycook Neo, the ultimate baby food maker, is the new generation food maker from Beaba, available in Midnight Blue and Rose Gold, or White and Grey.

Made with respect for the nutritional quality of food and the environment, it's an eco-designed product using 48% less carbon dioxide and 50% less water.

This super stylish, multifunctional baby food maker is manufactured from high quality materials, including a large capacity glass bowl and stainless-steel steam basket. It also features a double level stainless steel blade that enables uniform mixing and textures, so parents can choose smooth, mixed, lumps or chunks, depending on their weaning stage.

Because it will steam cook, blend, defrost and reheat all in one, it will retain the food’s flavours, vitamins and minerals. Plus, its patented steam system turns off automatically, producing nutritious meals in only fifteen minutes.

Once meals are made portions can be stored in Beaba’s new range of Glass Conservation Jars (pack of two, 150ml/250ml). Suitable for freezing, storing and transporting meals, they feature airtight supple lids to preserve flavor and are made from heat and thermal shock resistant glass.

Plus, for parents looking for meal inspiration, Beaba has introduced its My Baby’s First Cookbook. This full-color book is designed specifically for use with the Babycook and is a great recipe resource for those who like to cook and want to prepare healthy and wholesome meals for their little ones. From super smooth purees and first tastes, to chunky textures and something a little more adventurous, kids will enjoy eating their five servings of fruit and vegetables every day.


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Bibetta is a weaning winner for parents and babies everywhere!

With babies, mess goes with the territory! However, with Bibetta’s soft feeding and weaning products, everyday family life can be less stressful and more fun!

The Bibetta Weaning Pack, which has in the past six months won Gold in both the Mother & Baby and Made for Mums Awards, offers parents a collection of easy-to-clean weaning products to make feeding easier and less messy throughout the whole weaning journey.

Made from long-lasting neoprene, Bibetta’s products are hygienic, longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly than standard plastic bibs and placemats. Machine or hand-washable, they are easy to clean, practical and durable - convenient for use in and out of the home. Young ones love the soft feel of the stretchy, padded and flexible neoprene so typically enjoy the mealtime experience more with Bibetta’s products.

The Weaning Pack contains a coordinating UltraBib, UltraBib with Sleeves and Placemat with Pocket. Buying as a pack saves 20% against buying items individually. All products have a flip-out pocket to catch dropped food, and are hand or machine washable and suitable for the tumble drier.

The UltraBib:

  • rolls up to contain the mess inside – fantastic when out and about, and can be simply rinsed clean at home
  • is made from a soft and flexible material for comfort that children love
  • has a firm velcro fastening

The Placemat with Pocket:

  • pocket folds up as a compact clutch-style pack - easy to carry when going out
  • is a large size – a hygienic option when eating out and for baby led weaning
  • includes a non-slip back to prevent the mat from moving

The UltraBib with Sleeves:

  • has a long-sleeved design to keep clothes clean
  • stretchy and comfortable material means the bib is non- restrictive

Available in a range of engaging and fun designs including NEW Flamingos, Tropical Fish and Hippos for the UltraBib and UltraBib with Sleeves.

For more information visit www.bibetta.com, e-mail enquiries@bibetta.com or call 01223 840236.

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For weaning, think Vital

Feeding and weaning are the foundations on which family business, vital baby®, was built over 25 years ago. With an extensive range suitable for any mealtime, vital baby® is one of the most trusted weaning brands in the UK.

With a wide range of cups, bowls, plates and cutlery as well as a health & safety range, vital baby® really does have everything families need to start the weaning journey.

Happy mealtimes are great for parents and babies! The award-winning collection of products is colourful, ergonomic and made from varying textures to ensure that little ones are kept interested and engaged at mealtimes. The range includes multi award-winning bowls, soft-tip spoons, freezer pots, and cups. All perfect for use at home or when out and about with little one.

The hero weaning product is the power™ suction bowl, with lid and spoon. Designed to stick to the baby’s highchair or tabletop with ultimate, super suction power, it can be used with baby-led weaning and is also the perfect size for first meals and trouble-free feeding.

With the first half of 2019 seeing the addition of the new vital baby NURTURE™ range of breast-like feeding and silicone feed assist bottles, sterilisers, breast pumps and accessories, the latter part of the year will see lots more new and exciting products being added to the vital baby® range.

Parents can be assured that vital baby® is with them every step of the way on their weaning adventures.

For further information contact info@vitalgroup.co.uk

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Weaning excellence from Baby&More

Parents look to other parents for advice on weaning and the mum-inspired solutions from Baby&More can be relied upon to be created especially with parents and of course baby in mind.

Weaning can be a messy time as children explore new tastes and textures and so the Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs are a must-have for every new meal. The absorbent material holds up to a quarter of a cup of water keeping the moisture away from baby and clothes clean. What’s more they are machine washable, dryer safe and colourfast so they stay looking like new throughout the weaning journey.

The Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs come in an array of styles including the Standard Wonder Bib, Bandana Wonder Bib and the all-important Sleeved Wonder Bibs for extra messy meal times.

It’s not just baby that Baby&More helps through the weaning journey, the super BooginHead SplatMat keeps the home clean too. The cool and stylish Splat Mat features an on-trend grey chevron design and the durable floor mat is 52” round making it perfect for folding up and using on the go as well as in the home under highchairs.

As their weaning journey continues, the Clever Grip Toddler Training Cutlery is an ideal first set as a child transitions onto solid food. The set includes a knife, fork and spoon and each utensil features contoured finger guides to help children hold cutlery correctly and to promote self-feeding. Suitable from ages 24 months+

To see the whole range, visit www.babyandmore.co.uk

For further information, please contact Baby&More on 0333 014 4242

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Nuby Astronaut Mat

Make way for an out of this world suction mat that makes no spills and no mess. Perfect for hungry little astronauts and busy parents alike.

Made from squidgy silicone, it's tougher than you think and loves nothing more than to cling to a highchair tray or table. All parents need to do is press down around the edges and every little one will eat more whilst wearing less of their meal! The power is in parents’ hands to decide when to lift off and take the mat away!

With the adventurous astronaut shape that'll keep a little one interested, the sections mean parents can split out different foods and if they're feeling creative make some fun food combos that are Instagram worthy. This silicone mat is damage proof, oven and microwave safe plus it's insulated so it'll keep food warmer for longer

When a toddler in training has filled their little tum tum and it's time for cleaning up, it's easy peasy, as there's nothing to take apart and nowhere for food and germs to hide. Winning!

  • Super suction base keeps mat in place
  • Shape helps baby get food on the spoon
  • All one piece means super easy to clean
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • BPA Free
  • Available in pink & blue


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