Keeping Baby Quiet

abies are generally not born with any notion that they should sleep during the night! And some don't even appreciate that they should sleep at all!!! We're here to help.

Products that help baby settle to sleep is a growing market. Not because babies sleep less nor because parents of sleepless babies are any less tired but because they have easier access to what is available. If baby won't sleep a mum (or Dad!) can still browse the internet; no longer do they have to make themselves presentable and make the effort to head for the nearest nursery retailer. They can simply order online or at least know what to go out and buy.

Getting baby to sleep is often a case of establishing the right routine; getting the message across that it is bedtime. A warm bath, a soothing massage, a calm environment. There has been quite a bit of work to suggest that baby sleeping bags help settle baby. A nightlight in the room enables mum to check on baby without needing to switch on a light.

Talking of light, one major problem with slightly older children is they often need to settle to sleep when it's still light outside. And being light means they can see their toys and want to play. A blackout blind can make a big difference. It can also help keep toddlers in bed in the early mornings when it gets light early.

A soother is another popular way of settling a baby. Babies naturally like to suck and find it comforting. So a soother will often help a baby go to sleep. But that's not all. Recent research suggests that the use of a soother reduces the risk of cot death.

Noise is another surprising help. Some babies won’t settle because it is too quiet! The womb is a very noisy place. Traditionally, mothers used to sing lullabys and music often helps, although the latest research suggests pink rather than white noise is best – a variety of sounds but with a sort of swooshing feel to it.

A soft toy (or even as one friend's child insisted – a pair of mum's silk knickers!!) can be an essential to a baby's sense of well being. One useful tip with these is that Mum should sleep with the toy for a few days, so it carries her smell – babies have a very well developed sense of smell. The second important tip (perhaps more so for retailers) is that parents should buy two identical ones. One can so easily end up lost or left behind and a baby conditioned to sleep with a comforter rarely settles without it.

Lack of sleep is a form of torture. Let's help new parents avoid it!

Cocoonababy® introduces three new designs

Cocoonababy®, the ergonomic cocoon that helps newborns adapt to life outside the womb, has expanded its Cocoonababy and accessories range to include three new designs.

The contemporary pastel patterns complement the brand’s existing signature colours of classic white, pearl grey and chalky pink.

The new styles, Leaf, Dreamy Cloud and Miss Sunday are inspired by 2018’s colour trends. Leaf features a delicate Scandinavian-inspired grey foliage pattern, perfect for the modern home. The calming Dreamy Cloud in neutral pearl grey, has a delicate and soothing night sky focus to promote sweet dreams, while the dainty Miss Sunday evokes feelings of happiness with its soft pink colour and cheerful white sunshine print.

The new colours are available for Cocoonababy, as well as its fitted sheet and Cocoonacover.

The Red Castle Cocoonababy was created by a pediatric physiotherapist and features a slightly inclined, semi-fetal posture to help newborns feel safe and content. It is suitable for newborns aged 0-3 months.

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The Rockit Rocker

A simple but very clever product, the Rockit Rocker keeps pushchairs and prams moving even when parents stop pushing. The Rockit Rocker is a portable baby rocker, backed by the Design Council and two years in development.

It is now available and has already gained a massive following from parents whose little ones needed the added comfort of their pushchair or pram being rocked to help them settle and sleep.

The Rockit Rocker has a universal strap that will fit any pram or pushchair handle, it has a simple switch operation and an adjustable speed. Once switched on it gently rocks and soothes babies.

Rockit has been tested to the highest EU safety standards, is suitable for use from birth, is showerproof, has a 30 minute rocking cycle and is extremely quiet in operation.

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Swaddling up with Cheeky Rascals

The NEW Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ Bamboo 1.0 TOG is made from a luxuriously soft and ultra-breathable bamboo fabric and is suitable for a range of climates perfect for the hot weather that we are having at the moment!

The Swaddle UP™ is the only zip-up swaddle available that allows a baby to sleep in a more natural position with their ARMS UP™. With no complicated wrapping, parents can swaddle baby in just twelve seconds.

Swaddle UP™ for Safer, Better, Longer Sleep.

The unique ARMS UP™ design gives a baby access to their hands so they can truly self-soothe, via sucking, so they sleep longer and baby stays swaddled all night long. The 1.0 TOG is suitable all year round, so parents can dress baby up or down depending on the room temperature. It also eliminates the need for extra blankets.

The patented wings may reduce the risk of baby accidentally rolling onto their tummy and the snug fit makes them feel secure and helps to calm their natural startle reflex. The functional design has a two-way zip for easy nappy changes and its machine washable and tumble dryer friendly.

Available in three sizes - Small (3-6kg) Medium (6-8.5kg) Large (8.5-11kg).

Find out more from Cheeky Rascals. RRP: £26.99

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Lulla doll by RoRo - inspired by the importance of closeness!

Lulla doll by RoRo is developed by an Icelandic innovation company.

Lulla’s design is based on multiple scientific research that show the positive effects of closeness and kangaroo care to the development and well-being of young children and the effects that smell, sight and touch have.

Lulla aims to improve sleep, well-being, and the feeling of safety.

Lulla imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest by playing soothing sounds of a real heartbeat and breathing (pink noise) for eight hours, giving the feeling that someone is sleeping nearby when their caregiver can´t. The sound is set on a safe volume of 65dB and has a Velcro strap for safe attachment. The doll is machine washable at warm temperatures, making it safer for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems. The fabric of the doll can absorb scent from caregivers if they keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for added feeling of comfort and security. Lula’s soft feel, facial features and colours are also designed with purpose and care.

For further information and requests please contact us at:

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Baby Jogger Deluxe Pram Carrycot

If baby settles best whilst being pushed in their pram, parents have no need to worry about leaving them asleep for extended periods in the Baby Jogger Deluxe Pram Carrycot.

Suitable for overnight sleeping, it ensures maximum comfort for baby to rest and sleep, featuring a beautifully soft and luxurious quilted interior, plush foam mattress, with machine washable cover, large vented UV50+ sun canopy, and an air vent in the base of the pram increases air flow and ensures baby stays cool in the summer months.

Suitable from birth up to approximately six months old, the carrycot can easily attach onto the Baby Jogger pushchair chassis using the adapters provided.

Available in a range of fashionable colours.

For more information on Baby Jogger please visit or call our sales team on 0161 335 2500

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Lillebaby Complete Carriers

Research shows that wearing babies can reduce their crying by up 51% in comparison to babies who are not worn.

The award-winning LÍLLÉbaby® COMPLETE™ baby carrier offers more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier. This carrier combines ergonomics with unique design innovations, including LILLEbaby’s famously generous head support with elasticated fasteners which helps lull baby to sleep as you move and a detachable head cover that protects baby from elements and provides breastfeeding privacy.

The carrier can be used from birth to toddlerhood (3.2kg to 20kg), and does not require an infant inserts or any additional accessories. The COMPLETE™ offers a unique lumbar support and comfortable padding making it ideal for both parent and baby

For more information on LILLEbaby please visit or call our sales team on 0161 335 2500

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Mamaroo4 Bouncer Rocker

It moves like you do!

With five unique motion patterns based on the natural bounce and sway movements parents use to soothe their babies, each with five variable speeds plus a reclining seat, it’s no wonder parents have described the mamaRoo®4 as ‘an extra pair of hands’.

The mamaRoo provides a calming environment complete with integrated comforting white noise or nature sounds plus an MP3 connector to play baby a personalised playlist. It is Bluetooth-enabled so parents control the motion, sound, speed and volume remotely from their smart device without disturbing baby! Used by paediatricians and hospital staff, the mamaRoo has been known to help provide relief and comfort to prem babies and babies with reflux conditions, thanks to its gentle bouncing action and adjustable cradling seat unit.

For more information please visit or call our sales team on 0161 335 2500

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The innovative Whisbear

Over 100,000 worldwide parents cannot be wrong! Multi-award winning Whisbear® - the Humming Bear is a perfect sleep aid choice.

Whisbear, the Kind + Jugend 2016 Innovation Award Winner, features revolutionary and innovative sound device with CrySensor function, which activates automatically when baby starts crying. How does it work?

After an initial 40 minutes of shushing, when the baby is fast asleep, the shushing sound gently fades away and the device switches to a standby mode. During the standby mode, the device analysis the surrounding sounds and as soon as it recognises baby's cry, it switches on automatically for additional 20 minutes. The CRYSensor function can also be switch on omitting the initial 40 minutes of shushing.

The Soft Start function gently switches the device on gradually adjusting the volume to the level it was switched off the last time. The volume can also be manually adjusted to suit the baby's needs.

Whisbear helps with:

  • smooth transition from pre- to postnatal life 
  • improving baby’s bedtime routine, 
  • extending sleep time, 
  • feeling more rested

Whisbear is:

  • suitable from birth, 
  • washable,
  • TUV Rheinland certified,
  • OEKO-TEX certified 
  • Filled with hypoallergenic stuffing, 
  • available worldwide in 16 countries including USA and Australia 
  • approved by the Mother and Baby Institute
  • recommended by the Sleep experts and by the paediatricians
  • used on maternity wards and recommended by the midwives

Whisbear is more than just a sleep aid! It has been designed to encourage sensory and fine motor development by the use of the three different fabric textures and rustling elements inside paws and ears.

Whisbear design follows safe sleep guidelines, and for that there are magnets sewn to the Bear paws to safely attach it to the side of the cot, Moses basket, car seat, pram handle or a changing bag.

For more information please contact
and visit

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Award-winning white noise toy myHummy available to retailers in the UK for the first time!

MyHummy’s range of toys emit different types of white noise which studies have shown help to send babies off to sleep.

What makes myHummy’s range stand out in the market is the Sleep Sensor which reacts to a stirring baby and automatically initiates white noise.

Alternatively, the toys can be set to ‘non-stop’ mode, which emits white noise continuously for twelve hours. MyHummy toys are machine washable.

The latest myHummy mobile app, takes the genius toy one step further. MyHummy is the first white noise, soft toy of its kind on the market that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Users are now able to remotely control the ‘Humming Heart’ of the latest myHummy products straight from their phone. Through the app, users can change all the sound settings such as the volume, type of sound, and play-time. The app also allows users to access unique baby monitor and alarm modes, which will activate an alarm on the parent’s phone (within Bluetooth range). Users are also able to check the level of remaining battery power in the device’s ‘Humming Heart’.


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Clippasafe Night Lights cast a calming glow in baby’s room

Bedtime can be one of the most stressful times of the day when children are involved, especially as getting little ones off to sleep isn't the easiest task in the world.

It’s not unusual for children to be afraid of the dark, so creating a soft, reassuring atmosphere is key to a peaceful sleep for children and a stress-free night for mum and dad.

The Clippasafe Night Light will make sure the nursery is bathed in a gentle, comforting glow to help youngsters settle down for the night. It has the added bonus of boosting night-time safety - ideal for when parents are on the stairs and landing checking their youngsters are sleeping soundly.

The Night Light is available in a UK 3 pin and EU 2 pin version and retails at £3.49.

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ewan® the dream sheep is baaaariliant for sleep!

SweetDreamers® flagship product ewan the dream sheep® hit the market in 2010 and since then his popularity and acclaim has sky-rocketed, culminating in numerous award wins and sales of over 800,000 units to date!

After much anticipation, SweetDreamers have unveiled their all new ewan Deluxe, an upgraded version of the iconic and multi-award winning ewan the dream sheep sleep aid. What makes this member of the flock superior is the brand new MoonMode smartCRY sensor that has been thoughtfully designed to automatically activate when baby stirs in the night. Better still, the ewan Deluxe also has a removable control pod so the iconic character can be washed. Like the original and much loved ewan the dream sheep, ewan Deluxe mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of soothing sounds to lull newborns and toddlers into a peaceful sleep.

Not only is ewan® uber cute and irresistible, he has magical powers too! ewan’s actual womb and heartbeat recordings, combined with natural and household sounds are emitted at the low base frequency that babies predominantly hear in the womb which is why he’s so effective. The soft pink ambient glow is again reminiscent of the womb and together these factors combine to produce an incredibly effective sleep aid.

ewan® has been joined by the adorable baa baa blankie and ewan snuggly comforters. The snuggly® has already scooped up the Loved by Parents Gold Award, highlighting the brand can truly be trusted when it comes to comforting little ones!

Since SweetDreamers® launched their new grey fleece for ewan® in July 2015 sales have reached the same success as the original purple ewan®. With the demand steadily growing for ‘ewan the grey’ SweetDreamers® are delighted by the increasing popularity of their sleep time brand.

For more information visit ring 02392 262332 or email

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