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athtime is one of the nicest times of the day with a small baby. However, all too often the things that make this so easy and enjoyable are stuck in the back of the shop or hidden away. This is a shame as there is a lot of innovation in this sector.

Not only is there a trend to making these products attractive there are also a number of technological advances. Technology? In a baby bath? I hear you say. But read the entries and see how a baby bath can be more of a thing to put water in!

As baby is removed from the bath a towel is needed, for somewhat obvious reasons. A baby towel is another ideal present, especially one which comes with a hood to keep baby’s head warm or even one that can be worn by mum or dad! These baby towels give the additional bonus that as they dry baby they cuddle him, thus improving the bond between parent and child. Again the choice of this sort of towel is growing, with the introduction of new fabrics such as bamboo.

As all retailers know, add on sales can make a big difference and there are a number of extras which can be useful – thermometers to ensure the water is at the right temperature, sponges, wash mitts as well as nail scissors, nasal aspirators and protectors for the taps.

With careful choice of product, baby isn’t the only thing that can clean up!!

ClevaMama® Apron Baby Bath Towel

ClevaMama’s multi award-winning Apron Baby Bath Towel is the safest baby towel on the market and is suitable for use from newborn to toddler.

The towel acts as a splash guard for parents, keeping your clothes dry, during baby’s “playtime at bathtime” and creates that perfect bonding moment while cuddling baby after the fun ends.

X-large apron towel designed to fasten around the neck like an apron, giving parents two free hands to lift baby out of the bath. This super soft towel is large enough to completely wrap around baby and cover their head with the hood to keep the heat.

Features include:

  • 100% cotton towel that is gentle on your baby’s soft and delicate skin
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Double pile for extra absorbency
  • Special weave for drying between fingers and toes

Presented in a beautiful box the ClevaMama Apron Baby Bath Towel makes the perfect gift and surely will be a hit with any new parent thanks to its practicality.

Available colours: Cream, White, Pink and Blue

RRP: £19

+353 1 8770724

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Cheeky Rascals Baby Bath Support

Hands-free, the Cheeky Rascals Baby Bath Support is ideal for bathing little ones and older children together, or for bathing twins and multiples.

The thoughtfully designed aid features suction cups to firmly grip to the base of the bath securely, preventing slipping or sliding. Thanks to its moulded shape, this innovative Bath Support not only gently supports babies at the perfect height, but also softly cradles baby’s body, allowing arms and legs to move freely, increasing water confidence and creating a splash!

With safety at its core, this cleverly designed Baby Bath Support includes a ‘max’ water line to guide parents, ensuring water is no higher than baby’s shoulders when baby is correctly positioned at the base of the Bath Support. Suitable until little ones can sit unassisted, the Cheeky Rascals Baby Bath Support is a practical buy for all new parents. Hygienic (can be wipe-cleaned) and mould resistant, it is a long-lasting parenting gadget too!

Founder of Cheeky Rascals, Selina Russell commented “At Cheeky Rascals, we’re passionate about creating a safe environment for little ones and making parent’s lives that little bit easier. Safety at bath times is absolutely key and we hope with the help of our Baby Bath Support, both parents and babies can relax and have fun together.”

WARNING: Prevent drowning. ALWAYS keep the Baby Bath Support and baby within sight and reach of an adult. Drowning can occur in a very short time and in very shallow water (2cm).

Never lift or carry the Baby Bath Support with baby in it. Stop using the Bath Support when baby can sit unassisted.

RRP: £19.99 Available from: Cheeky Rascals

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Avoiding scalds at bath time with Clippasafe

Bath time should be great fun for toddlers and that’s why Clippasafe, the experts in child safety, have a range of products to ensure that bath time goes swimmingly with less risk of injury.

Painful scalds from hot taps can be prevented with the help of the Bath Tap Guard. Placed over bath taps to stop little hands from turning on taps or touching hot surfaces, it’s inflatable, reducing the risk of bumps and injuries. It comes in a colourful ocean design and retails at £7.99.

There are often tears at bath time when shampoo's involved. Washing a child's hair can be stressful if soap suds get into their eyes, leaving many youngsters dreading the process! The Shampoo Eye Shield retails at just £3.75 and has a wide peak that protects eyes from the stinging of shampoo suds, making bath time stress-free and more fun.

There are lots more products in the bath time range, you can find them all on the Clippasafe website.
Tel: 0115 9211 899

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Mi 1st Bath Buddy – bath time has a new best friend

Minene’s innovative Mi 1st Bath Buddy is making quite the colourful splash in the nursery market. The brightly coloured, stimulating, animal bath support ensure that bath time is a safe and supportive experience for baby and parents.

The cute floating aid securely nestles within the baby bath or floats on the surface of a large bath and gives baby comfort and support during bath time. The aid also ensures that baby's head is supported safely out of the water.

Mi 1st Bath Buddy is made from quick drying fabric and features a fabric hook, for hassle free drying on the back of the bathroom door. Perfect for use in a baby bath, sink or large tub. For age 0-6 months. Available in five colours and designs, we are sure there is a perfect one for any family!

The Bath Buddies have already picked up a number of awards across the industry including GOLD in The Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2016.

If you would like to learn more about our Mi 1st Bath Buddy, our gorgeous baby textile products, or how to become a stockist, please contact Nicki for a brochure, price list and more information.

Quoting NOL2019

0208 458 7764

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New bathtime accessories from Shnuggle

Following a fantastic year of growth, Shnuggle have added to their bath portfolio with a range of accessories designed to make bath-time a relaxing and bonding experience for parent and baby.

Winning yet another GOLD at the Mother & Baby 2019 awards, The Shnuggle Bath has been designed to grow with baby and last from newborn to 12months. Carefully crafted to be a safe and secure place to bath baby, the innovation lies in its 'Bum Bump' - this keep newborns safely in a reclined position and older babies secure when sitting. With a soft foam backrest, non-slip feet and a max water line indicator, the bath only uses the water you pour inside, unlike other seats which sit in an adult tub. Now available in new Slate Grey, the Bath provides comfort for baby and less stress for parents.

Complementing the Shnuggle Bath perfectly, the Folding Bath Stand raises baby up to waist height, taking the backache out of bath-time and making it easier to bath baby.

Off to a flying start and winning several recent industry and parent awards since launch in Q3 of last year, Wishy is a light up bath toy featuring a soft light and texture to support newborn sensory development. With parts to pull apart, play and connect, Wishy is the perfect bath toy to support co-ordination and play as baby grows.

Washy is a brilliant bath time accessory that is designed to take the tears and tantrums away from hair rinsing and scalp washing! The neat little jug has a soft grip handle for parents and a flexible edge which contours gently to the top of baby’s forehead, tipping the water safely away from sensitive little eyes.

Ensuring baby is clean from top to toe, the soft Shnuggle baby washcloths are made from a bamboo and cotton blend to provide extra softness against baby’s skin and for cosy cuddles after Baby’s bath, the Shnuggle Towel is a clever design which keeps the towel in place on parent’s shoulder leaving hands free to lift baby and snuggle them dry. The larger size towel offers great value for money and uses beautifully soft, luxury cotton which means it is a perfect addition to any Shnuggle bath-time and also makes a lovely gift.

For more information on Shnuggle Bath, Wishy, Washy and the full Shnuggle portfolio, please contact

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Charli Chair: THE shower chair for babies

BPM International, who own and distribute Isoki, a fabulous range of award winning baby change bags and Silly Billyz bibs – an amazing range of bibs and related products - are now the UK Distributor for the new 2in1 Charli Chair.

Charli Chair is THE shower chair for babies.

New features and design

  • 2 in 1: bath & shower chair
  • Easy access to release water & refill
  • Sleek, light weight aluminium frame design


  • No sore knees or backache from bending, kneeling or lifting
  • Ideal if mum's had back problems or a c-section
  • Easier to bathe reluctant toddlers and children with disabilities
  • Great for asthmatic babies who benefit from shower steam
  • Perfect for infant bathing in places with no bath tub
  • Encourages kids to love showers right from birth
  • Quicker and uses less water - so parents save time, money, and the environment


  • Portable at just 3kg, parents can take CharliChair everywhere
  • Suitable for ages/sizes from newborn up to 17kg
  • Three-level height adjustment between 83cm and 93cm
  • Multi-position recline
  • Works with adjustable and fixed shower heads
  • Comfortably fits shower bases as small as the size of 90cmx 90cm


  • Fully safety-tested meets all Australian, European and US safety standards
  • Five-point adjustable safety harness keeps baby safe while still letting parents wash backs and bums

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