Potties And Toilet Training

oilet training is something many parents dread. When's the right time to start? How do I deal with problems? What many parents forget is that successful potty training starts with getting the right products.

It's all too easy for the cynical to say that a simple potty is all that's needed. There's actually some very deep psychological things happening when a child moves from wearing nappies. The attitude a parent takes is crucial but to discuss that is beyond our remit here. What we do know is that a child needs to feel safe and comfortable when sitting on the potty – ie the potty has to be stable and the right shape – not all little behinds are the same!!!

Getting through the night can also be a problem. No one likes having to change a wet bed in the middle of the night and a wet mattress needs more than simply drying out. Parents hate thinking about problems; offer a solution first.

Then mother has the problem of how does she cope when out and about. When the child needs to go, he needs the potty NOWWWWWWWWW! Again there are products to help.

Eventually, there comes the time when mum wants to dispense with the hassle of a potty. Falling down into the depths of the toilet pan is a very real fear for many children – they all need a suitable training seat to feel confident.

The other product needed at this time are training pants – absorbant enough to contain accidents but easy to pull down when needed.

All this comes when children are around 18 months old – which often co-incides with the second pregnancy. Worth mentioning the word potty when Mum comes in with a toddler still in nappies.

As always, it's thinking about what else you can sell that makes the difference!!!

Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, along with most loved Disney characters, seen throughout the Solution EU Toilet training range

Toilet training, change time and bath time made easy with Solution EU’s range of featured characters on their products for every occasion!

Featuring Paw patrol, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Minnie and Mickey mouse, Toy, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Cars and much more!

Each range includes a Step Stool and Potty with soft rubber non-slip bases for extra stability. The range also has a selection of soft as well as foldable toilet seats. The ergonomic and comfortable design of the trainer seats fits most toilets and is easily portable with soft rubber edges to give non-slip security. The soft padded toilet seat provides comfort and is easy to use with large side grab handles.

The foldable toilet seats are great for on-the-go as they fold down into a compact storage bag; it flips open and stays locked for stability as well as having non-slip pads when in use.

With the large range of Featured toilet seat options and designs available, these make a practical and fun addition to any toddler household to aid the journey of toilet training.

Along with the Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Disney Toilet training range, come the Baths and Changing mats. These can also be seen with all the most loved characters brought to life with your little ones day to day use. These are extra soft and comfortable, whether they be bathed in the baths or changed on the Mats, Solution EU Disney range, has you covered!

Tel: 01280 878260
Email: info@solutioneu.com
Website: www.solutioneu.com

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Winner of the Progressive Preschool Award 2017 for Best Toilet Training Product and the Mother & Baby Award 2018 for Best Potty Training Product

My Carry Potty, created by Potty Training Expert Amanda Jenner and distributed in the UK by Cheeky Rascals, offers a unique approach to potty training.

Many parents tend to put off potty training as it can be inconvenient and a real challenge, especially while out and about. However, thanks to My Carry Potty’s portable, lightweight and easy to carry design, potty training can now be tackled as soon as little ones are ready.

My Carry Potty is hygienic, odour-free and completely leak-proof, thanks to its ingenious rubber, watertight seal and unique click-shut lid. Designed as an all-in-one potty, wipes and toilet paper can be cleverly held in its handy base, negating the need for any disposable bags while on the move. Made from high quality, durable and easy to clean plastic, My Carry Potty is easy on the eye with fun, playful designs including a Bumble Bee, Cow, Ladybird and the latest design Cat available to all now.

My Carry Potty starts at £22.50.


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TRON: The disposable travel potty providing instant relief for parents!

TRON (meaning throne in Polish!) is a quick and simple to use product that saves the age old problem that all parents face – little ones wanting the toilet when there isn’t one around.

Fitting easily into a handbag, changing bag or small enough to store in a buggy or car, TRON can be folded and unfolded multiple times before use. TRON has been designed by architects and is stable for child weights up to 30kg without bending or cracking. It is lightweight, small and biodegradable. Each potty has a highly absorbent SAP pad with a unique ability to soak up moisture and odours and can absorb 250ml of liquid in just 30 seconds.

Once used, TRON simply folds back into its compact form and can easily be carried to the nearest bin with no leaks or mess!

With spring fast approaching, TRON is perfect for family days out and car journeys and camping where there may be little room for a conventional potty, or little time to take them to the nearest toilet – a must for all potty training parents!

TRON is available in white or recycled material.

For more information visit www.hippychick.com or call 01278 434440

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Bright Bots Potty Training Pants

Bright Bots Potty Training Pants are a low cost, simple and effective solution for moving on from nappies to big boys and girls pants.

Bright Bots potty training pants look and feel like normal pants but have an additional PUL waterproof lining in the gusset area and a terry fabric for some absorbency to aid with accidents in the Potty Training stage. They do not look like a nappy, so toddlers know they are moving on. They are comfortable to wear and easy for little ones to pull up and down.

Available in four sizes and suitable from 18 months to three years and with twelve colours for unisex, boy and girl options.


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