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baby monitor is now considered to be an essential purchase by many parents with around 80% of Mums buying them. Advances in technology mean that today's monitors are compact, reliable and often packed with features.

Many models of baby monitor are made by the big telecom companies and for many reasons, many independent retailers are wary of dealing with them, but there is still a wide choice of monitors suitable for even the smallest retailer. 

These days, baby monitors are more than devices for listening to the sounds a baby makes. Those with video are now very popular – and no longer an expensive luxury. Some can record video of baby for keeping for posterity, linking up to smartphones and laptops via wifi. 

Many of those with the latter features are popular with parents who are often away from home – how lovely to take a break from work and have a peek at baby! 

Monitors can also keep a watch on the room temperature, alerting parents if it goes outside a set range. Some allow a mum to talk back to baby; some have receivers that mum or dad can wear on their wrist. Some can even detect a smile! 

Momsense is a monitor that can measure how much milk a breast fed baby has consumed – something that can take away a lot of the stress around breast feeding. 

Reassurance monitors monitor the movements baby makes when he is breathing and sound an alarm if he stops for more than a pre-set time (usually about 20s) which for many parents can be very reassuring. We all have had the urge to get out of our nice warm bed and check that baby is still alive! Most work by having a sensitive pressure mat underneath the mattress which picks up the slight breathing movements. However, there are possible instances where baby could stop breathing but the monitor would not detect it e.g. If baby were choking. Secondly, there are going to be false alarms. All babies have periods when they naturally stop breathing for what can seem quite an age before resuming. If baby is not on a monitor then no one is any the wiser. But if baby is being monitored, the alarm will go off. This does not mean however that the monitor has prevented a cot death!

There are many exciting developments on the horizon in baby monitoring (some driven by the need to monitor the elderly!) so watch this space!

Babymoov launches its new generation of video baby monitors: YOO!

There’s definitely a YOO for every parent!

Nurturing, educating... every parent has a different approach to life with a baby. These differences are evident through their various needs and the choice of products they use.

Babymoov’s Live Open Innovation process enables its Research, Development and Design teams to include parents in all the stages of product development. This is essential for ensuring they can target their specific needs, provide them with the best possible user experience and measure their satisfaction levels.

Today, Babymoov is unveiling its brand new range of YOO video baby monitors: YOO-SEE, the ultra-compact design monitor that can be hung anywhere, YOO-TRAVEL, the cordless, rechargeable with long battery life and YOO-FEEL, the tactile, simple, Plug & Play touchscreen monitor!

These new technological innovations have been designed to suit the profiles and lifestyles of all new parents. So no matter what kind of product type they prefer - classic, intuitive, smart, hand-held or stand-alone, there is definitely a YOO for them!

These three video baby monitors use the very latest hi-tech components and come with a lifetime warranty as standard.

For further information, please contact Babymoov on 01823 772995 or email

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The Angelcare AC517 Video, Wireless Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

Angelcare’s AC517 Video, Wireless Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is jam-packed with award-winning features that put it head and shoulders above all the competition.

The wireless movement sensor pad is the major feature, only alerting the parents if there’s been no movement for 20 seconds.

Technologically savvy parents fully expect their baby’s monitor will have the ability to collect, store and analyse data. Fortunately, as development progresses, this is becoming a reality. The AC517 handles statistics on movement and room temperature like a dream with up to two months of details analytics stored on the Parent Unit.

A full colour, touchscreen video display on the Parent Unit is high on the wish list, perfect for those parents wanting to see baby. A real time digital display shows the temperature of the nursery, ideal for making any adjustment to improve baby’s comfort. Parents also benefit from crystal clear transmission and talk-back to hear and help soothe baby.

The Angelcare AC517 Baby Monitor gives the ultimate peace of mind to parents by looking after baby as it rests. Utilising much of this same market-leading technology across their baby monitor range, Angelcare has something to suit all parents’ wants and needs.

For more information, click here.

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New Meelight from Meemoobaby

Late nights, disturbed sleep and early morning feeds are part of the course for most parents but thanks to the Meelight from Meemoobaby, night shifts change forever.

The modern, sleek and innovative Meelight from Meemoobaby, not only supports parents during those late night wake up calls, but also helps little ones drift back to sleep.

The unique feeding and care Meelight is portable and cleverly attaches to clothing, making the nightshift that little bit easier, especially during those late-night feeds and nappy changes! With no stimulating blue light, parents will be able to see using the ingenious Meelight but little ones won’t be disturbed - blue light has been proven to suppress the release of melatonin, the hormone which signals when it is time to sleep*.

This revolutionary nightlight produces a soft golden glow with an adjustable dimmable function so parents can adapt the setting to suit their needs, a low calming light for bedtime and a brighter setting for those nappy emergencies!

“This is a very well designed and useful product. It emits a warm yellow light with adjustable intensity which means that it does not bother my baby's sleep or ours. It is light and portable so can easily attach onto clothes and you can carry it with you while taking care of the baby in the dark. Overall great product!” Esther 5 Star Review

RRP: £44.99

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The Rockit Rocker

A simple but very clever product the Rockit Rocker keeps pushchairs and prams moving even when parents stop pushing. The Rockit Rocker is a portable baby rocker, backed by the Design Council and two years in development.

A simple but very clever product the Rockit Rocker keeps pushchairs and prams moving even when parents stop pushing. The Rockit Rocker is a portable baby rocker, backed by the Design Council and two years in development.

It is now available and has already gained a massive following from parents whose little ones needed the added comfort of their pushchair or pram being rocked to help them settle and sleep.

The Rockit Rocker has a universal strap that will fit any pram or pushchair handle, it has a simple switch operation and an adjustable speed. Once switched on it gently rocks and soothes babies.

Rockit has been tested to the highest EU safety standards, is suitable for use from birth, is showerproof, has a 30 minute rocking cycle and is extremely quiet in operation.

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Introducing, Momsense: The Smart Breastfeeding Meter

- a revolutionary system that measures in real-time the amount of breast milk a baby consumes.

After years of extensive scientific research, begun in 2008, Momsense present their ground-breaking technology to the UK market. The patented Momsense technology is designed to provide mum with real-time knowledge of their baby's milk intake.

Whilst the NHS “Baby Friendly Initiative” has proved successful in increasing uptake rates of breastfeeding in Hospitals to over 80%, just two months after returning home, only 20% of these mums are still breastfeeding. Mums face many challenges with breastfeeding but one of their main concerns is whether their baby is feeding enough. Momsense is designed to help prolong the breastfeeding experience for Mums by keeping them fully informed about how much their baby is feeding and confident in the knowledge their baby is satisfied.

Momsense is based on a cutting-edge technology, designed and developed by CEO Dr. Osnat Emanuel, a physician and a graduate of INSEAD Business School. The technology allow the Momsense monitor to accurately interpret the complex physiology of a baby’s swallowing measuring the amount a baby feeds with an accuracy of +/- 95%. The monitor work in conjunction with a smartphone app delivering a real time log of feeding events and amounts baby has fed. Listening via the Momsense earphones (included) to baby’s feeding can also help in the bonding process for Mums, Dads and siblings.

Distributed in the UK & Ireland by Clever Clogs Trading. RRP £79.99

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New addition to the LiteCup family – Introducing LiteCup Baby

The only non-spill baby and toddler cup that lights up in the dark, LiteCup Baby holds 220ml of any cool liquid.

It comes with removable handles for easy grip and a security ribbon with a clip for fastening on to a buggy or highchair straps.

The Litebase is light sensitive, coming on automatically in the dark and emits a soft, calming glow. The patented 360° degree spill resistant rim allows children to drink for anywhere around the edge, saving the need for sprouts or straws. LiteCup Baby is recommended by dentists as kinder to the oral health of growing infants as there is no need to suck.

For more information call 01278 434440 or contact

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