always think that one of the delights of expecting a baby is the fun of turning the spare bedroom into a nursery - the removal of all those old packing cases and other assorted junk and the arrival of cute wallpaper and a pile of toys.

Often when visiting retailers, I see bedroom sets on display. A cot, changing unit and wardrobe are the main pieces, but I am often told that it is the wallpaper, the small décor items that are often the most important.

“Customers often say I'll have the whole lot!” Fine – but it does mean that the retailer has to stock everything on display – no odd little items from B&Q or they'll be round there doing the shopping.

It also means that careful thought needs to be given to the display. You may not like bright colours but somebody does. Or you may find pastels a bit insipid – but it might just be perfect for another mum. The key is to have a choice which covers the main areas. But not TOO much choice! If they can't decide between this or that, they'll often end up choosing neither. The ideal is to give them choice but that one of the styles is an outright winner!

The furniture may be the main items with the bedding a close second, but there are many other items to be considered as lampshades, curtains and other fabrics can co-ordinate. The walls can be done in an attractive paper, but this does have its problems. Wallpaper doesn't take too kindly to being drawn on in purple felt tip and if for whatever reason, it needs to be changed, it's a major disruption to the room. An alternative is to paint the walls with emulsion (purple felt tip can be covered more easily) and use stick-on items to provide the interest. These are surprisingly cheap and easy to remove later that changing the appearance of the room can be done frequently – giving you yet more sales!

The final advantage of the “I'll have the lot” sentiment is that once mum has fallen in love with that look, she'll buy it! She's unlikely to go around checking on prices of this and that to find the cheapest.

The secret is to find and display the right products in the right way!

FunToSee Stickers

If you’re looking for original nursery decoration ideas, then look no further than FunToSee™.

Their award winning room stickers transform a plain room into a magical place for babies to sleep, play and learn. Team these dazzling room stickers with bedding, curtains and other accessories for a complete look that won’t cost the earth.

FunToSeeTM Room Stickers are a quick and simple solution to creating a beautiful bedroom. Their Room Make-over kits contain enough adorable room stickers to transform an entire room and include such themes as princess, animals, outer space, flowers and undersea to name a few. New for 2010 the FunToSeeTM Room Décor Kit. Designed to decorate two walls, it comes in a handy box which makes it an ideal baby shower, Christmas or birthday gift. Currently available in popular licenses, The Very Hungry CaterpillarTM and BarbieTM.

If you prefer to create one or two feature walls, then Themed Room Sticker packs couldbe the answer. Choose from bunting, pirates, aliens, dinosaurs, alphabet, BarbieTM and The GruffaloTM and many other cool wall stickers – great to theme a birthday party too.

Their Mini Wall Art range is perfect for those with smaller living spaces – to create a stylish corner, beautiful border, or jazz up bathroom times, windows or mirrors. The Mini Wall Art packs come in alphabet, character sets, chalkboard and shapes and patterned wall stickers.

Use on walls, doors, furniture, mirrors, windows and tiles, in fact, any clean flat surface will do. They are cleanly removable, so won’t damage walls, repositionable, splash-proof, washable and so easy to apply. Simply peel, stick and smile.

For more information on the full range including licensed wall stickers, contact or call 08702 621 621

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The Complete Nursery

Kids Line, founded in 1987, is the leading provider of infant bedding and accessories in the United States.

In 2003 an Australian operation was launched, which proved a great success. This in turn was the springboard for us to open a European office in the UK just over two years ago. Over the past two years we have been gaining an understanding of the UK market and have been very fortunate to build many business relationships within the independent market.

We believe our success is largely due to our unique understanding of new parents’ needs and an appreciation of the special event our products help celebrate. Kids Line provides a wide range of products that allow parents, and even grand parents, the ability to create a haven for the new infant in their lives. With our abiding commitment to quality, design and value, Kids Line is a leader in the infant bedding and room decor market in the US and Australia.

Kids Line’s varied collections range from the traditional to the contemporary, bringing growing families the finest in fabrics and materials ranging from the softest cuddliest blends to the crispest organic cottons. Kids Line are very fortunatenow to be offering our sister company's products, Cocalo, which offer a slightly different design in bedding and décor and have added an even wider choice to our portfolio.

Zanzibar is one of our best selling ranges…The call to the wild safari theme beckons a little one to sleep and dream of the adventures that a wait in the coming days. A rich mix of fabrics and textures ensures that baby has plenty to keep them occupied at play time too. The range consists of a great value six piece bedding set with the ability to build a nursery with accessories such as a clothes hamper, nappy stacker, throw pillows, lamp shade, table lamp, musical mobile, toy box and rug, We take pride in offering parents a complete solution in creating a beautiful sanctuary for their precious little one.

The Kids Line products can be purchased directly from Kids Line, or from Baby Brands Direct

To see more of our stylish ranges please visit

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Classic Mobile

New from Tiny Love, and distributed by East Coast Nursery is the Classic Mobile designed to entertain baby and help sensory development as well as eye co-ordination.

Filled with colourful characters to amuse baby and black and white spirals to aid visual development the Classic Mobile features 20 minutes of soothing classical music and a comforting night light.

The Classic Mobile fits easily to the side of a cotand can be converted to a crib side music box as baby gets older.

East Coast Nursery can be contacted on 01692 408802, by email or on the web at

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Musical Crib Mobile

The Jollybaby Musical Crib Mobile fits easily onto most cribs and cots with a safe and sturdy clamp and is designed to enthral and entertain baby with soothing lullabies and rotating characters.

A collection of cute garden characters make up the cast in the mobile which plays gentle lullaby music from the wind up musical box as the butterflies and turtles gently turn and swing to delight and entertain baby.

Jollybaby toys are designed to help introduce babies to the world around them using specific details and features designed to create and promote curiosity, positive awareness, sensory progression and creative imagination.

CN Sales & Marketing Ltd, UK distributors for Jollybaby can be found at and can be contacted by phone on 01635 255725 or by email at

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Gro-clock gets star review!

Joanna Taylor, former Hollyoaks actress and mum-of-two, records her journey through motherhood and offers advice for first-time mums on OK magazine’s website and gave The Gro Company’s Gro-clock and Gro Anywhere Blind a glowing review.

Joanna Taylor said; “I love my sleep but in the summer when it gets light early Mya sometimes wakes up early so the Gro Clock, £29.99, is great as it teaches her when it’s the right time to wake up.

“That said, she stayed the night with my mum recently and she woke my mum up one morning to count down the last few stars with her. Another great find has been the Gro Anywhere Blind, £29.99 as it means that Danny and I can have a lie-in too. The portable blind blacks out any window meaning that Ethan and Mya sleep that little bit later and longer.”

The Gro-clock teaches children when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to stay in bed by using fun images of the sun and star. Giving parents those precious few minutes (hopefully hours!) extra in bed. It also comes with a bedtime story book, ‘Sleepy Farm’, to help reinforce the message of getting a good night’s sleep, and now includes integral clock instructions.

One of the unique additional educational features of the new Gro-clock is that it displays the digital time so parents can actually teach children to tell the correct time – so the Gro-clock can last for years.

Now retailing at £29.95 (was £39.95) with great retailer margins gives more sleep for your customers and more profits for you!

To find out how you can stock the new Gro-clock contact your representative on 0844 5572 985.

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