t would be a safe bet that the majority of the customers in nursery retailers are pregnant, so don't ignore the opportunities to sell the new mum some things for herself!

As anyone who has been pregnant will tell you getting comfortable is one of the biggest problems in pregnancy. Tossing and turning isn't so easy with that huge bump in front. And in recent years there has been an explosion of pillows which are just the job. Some are designed specifically for supporting the bump; others have a dual role supporting baby when feeding, and other pillows are designed specifically to support baby both during feeding and afterwards. These products often need to have their use explained to potential customers - and I would bet that this is one product that mum will thank you for talking her into!!!!

Underwear is another potential goldmine. At this time, many women feel decidedly ugly, so pretty underwear can be a great morale booster. But to get the right fit a bra needs expert advice and fitting so while this isn't the easiest product to sell online, it is a great little earner for bricks and mortar shops.

Maybe selling a range of fashionable maternity wear is beyond many nursery retailers - it's more often to be found in a corner of the fashion shops - it doesn't mean that you can't sell a range of basics. These are important to mums who cannot afford to completely revamp their wardrobe at this time but basics are often overlooked by the fashion houses.

Although many retailers consider themselves to be shops full of things for baby, it would be folly to miss out on this lucrative sector.

9 Months of b: the innovative new pregnancy range co-created with midwives

Babymoov launches 9 Months of b this month, a brand-new range combining comfort and ergonomics to accompany mums at each stage of their pregnancy.

The Dream Belt and Mum & B cushion have been co-created with midwives to help every mum-to-be experience pregnancy positively!

The change in an expectant mother’s figure causes several typical pregnancy conditions such as discomfort during sleep, back pain, restlessness…

Babymoov’s Product Manager, Marion, explained: “As part of our Live Open Innovation process, we are constantly focussed on the needs of mums. Aware of the comfort and sleep problems during pregnancy, we have developed a brand new and unique product range that offers relief, wellbeing and serenity to expectant mums: 9 Months of b.”

This new range includes the Dream Belt, the first support to improve the sleep comfort of mums-to-be. Designed ergonomically to suit each stage of pregnancy whilst following movements during sleep, it consists of a central panel made of soft, elastic fabric that holds the tummy, and two memory foam panels that fill the natural gap between the hips and the mattress.

For maximum comfort in all positions, the new Mum & b maternity pillows complete the range. Used together with the Dream Belt, this makes the perfect combination for even greater comfort during pregnancy. The Mum & b is also the perfect size, shape and support for nursing newborn babies.

The 9 Months of b range met with great reactions during the recent international trade fairs as well as the Baby Show in London, and will be available to retailers mid-November.

Dream Belt sale price: £39.99
Mum & b sale price: £34.99

For more information on the new Babymoov pregnancy range, or to reserve a new catalogue, please contact: Simon Winskill, 01823 772995 -

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Introducing Momsense

Momsense is the Smart Breastfeeding Meter, a revolutionary system that measures in real-time the amount of breast milk a baby consumes.

After years of extensive scientific research, begun in 2008, Momsense present their ground-breaking technology to the UK market. The patented Momsense technology is designed to provide mum with real-time knowledge of their baby's milk intake and nursing habits. After rigorous research and development as well as extensive tests with hundreds of mothers, Momsense launched the Smart Breastfeeding Meter in the US in June 2016 and are now bringing their revolutionary product to the UK nursery market.

Whilst the NHS “Baby Friendly Initiative” has proved successful in increasing uptake rates of breastfeeding in hospitals to over 80%, just two months after returning home, only 20% of these mums are still breastfeeding. Mums face many challenges with breastfeeding but one of their main concerns is whether their baby is feeding enough. Momsense is designed to help prolong the breastfeeding experience for Mums by keeping them fully informed about how much their baby is feeding and confident in the knowledge their baby is satisfied.

Momsense is based on a cutting-edge technology, designed and developed by CEO Dr. Osnat Emanuel, a physician and a graduate of INSEAD Business School. The technology allow the Momsense monitor to accurately interpret the complex physiology of a baby’s swallowing measuring the amount a baby feeds with an accuracy of +/- 95%. The monitor work in conjunction with a smartphone app delivering a real time log of feeding events and amounts baby has fed. Listening via the Momsense earphones (included) to baby’s feeding can also help in the bonding process for Mums, Dads and siblings.

Distributed in the UK & Ireland by Clever Clogs Trading. RRP £79.99

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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

The Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow is a multi-award winning maternity must-have.

Designed for use from the second trimester and beyond, the Dreamgenii helps mums-to-be sleep comfortably in bed as their pregnancy advances. Supporting the back, bump and knees, the Dreamgenii® encourages you to sleep on your left side which helps to create optimum foetal positioning for baby. It can also be used as a nursing pillow once baby arrives. Nine out of ten women would recommend the Dreamgenii® to a friend.

As well as multiple award wins in 2016 and stylish new packaging, the product was also given even more hype after Cheryl’s mum, Joan Callahan was spotted buying a Dreamgenii. This spot sparked even more pregnancy rumours surrounding the former X Factor Judge and prompted a spike in sales.

Fiona-Jane Kenworthy, Marketing manager at Dreamgenii® comments: "2016 was always set to be a huge year for Dreamgenii® and as well as receiving a number of prestigious industry awards we have also supported the product with an extensive consumer PR & marketing programme. We will build on this year’s success going into 2017 with some exciting new designs, as well as new packaging and a comprehensive blogger outreach programme."

For further information, please contact Dreamgenii® on 01538 399 541

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Clippasafe making seat belts safer during pregnancy

Driving or travelling in a car can be dangerous for women during pregnancy. Seat belts positioned over the abdomen are not only uncomfortable, but also highly dangerous in the event of an abrupt stop or collision.

The Advanced Bump Belt from Clippasafe is designed to make car journeys safer for mothers-to-be, reducing the movement of seat belts over the abdomen and avoiding the need for constant re-positioning. Suitable for use from two months pregnant and up to birth, the Bump Belt is used with a regular seat belt to help keep the strap in place.

Wearers sit on the Bump Belt’s seat pad and fasten the seat belt below the abdomen and under the pregnancy bump, in accordance with NHS health and safety guidelines. The seat pad can be secured around the back of the car seat. The Bump Belt’s elasticated flaps are then secured around the strap to maintain its position. In the event of a collision, the pressure is more effectively and safely transferred through the pelvis and hips, rather than the abdomen and womb. The Bump Belt conforms to European Safety Standards.

Clippasafe’s Advanced Bump Belt is priced at £24.99 and is part of the extensive Auto Range.

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Making maternity exercise easier

Elvie is an exercise tracker and app that is revolutionising how women look after their pelvic floor muscles.

Just one year since Elvie came to market and it has been the recipient of prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Design Award 2016, Mumsnet Best 2016, Project Baby Innovation Award 2016, the AXA Health R&D award 2015, and is shortlisted as the Mother & Baby Pregnancy/Maternity product of the Year.

Pelvic Floor exercises are key to maintaining pelvic floor health and an integral part of women’s antenatal wellbeing and post-natal recovery but 1 in 3 women experience physical problems due to weakening of these muscles. This can be as high as 50-80% in pregnancy and after childbirth. Using groundbreaking sensor technology and providing realtime biofeedback, Elvie tracks progress and guides women through fun, five minute workouts.

Elvie is made by British wearable technology company Chiaro, founded by Tania Boler (CEO, women’s health expert) and Alexander Asseily (founder of Jawbone).

To discuss retail and distribution opportunities please contact Natalie Bassett on

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Mumba Bra® – a reinvention of the bra

Mumba Bra® is fast becoming the must-have lingerie item for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, as it proves a top seller at recent consumer shows. The Mumba Bra® is the bra reinvented, offering mums Support - In More Ways Than One.

Made using luxuriously soft advance 4-way stretch fabric, this unique bra will take mums from pregnancy to nursing and provides maximum comfort throughout pregnancy as it adjusts with mums’ changing body.

The Mumba Bra® takes support to another level, by incorporating three unique features to aid breastfeeding. These include:

  • The unique Mumba® clasp, which helps mums simply track which breast to feed baby from next. 
  • The BabyFocus® print, which uses an original black and white pattern and is perfectly placed to stimulate, calm and focus baby at every feed.
  • The drop cup opening which is easy to use with one hand, provides mums with discreet feeding when open, giving her the confidence to breastfeed in public.

The Mumba Bra® seamlessly transitions from an everyday support bra to a comfortable sleep bra and a breastfeeding aid bra, to support mums in more ways than one.

Mumba Bra® has been shortlisted for the 2017 Mother & Baby Award for Best product for breastfeeding, confirming how loved the product is when tried and tested by mums.

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Maguari launches Polar Bear Feeding Pillow from Nanami

Maguari is thrilled to offer this adorable Polar Bear Feeding Pillow from Scandinavian inspired nursery company Nanami.

Soft, cuddly and perfectly formed for easier breast or bottle feeding, it makes an ideal gift for a new parent. The neutral tones and quality fabric ensures its place as a beautiful accessory for any home. The Nanami pillow can also be used as a support cushion for when baby starts to sit up and will no doubt continue to feature as a favourite at snuggle time through toddler years and beyond.

Speaking about the introduction Debbie Grant, Sales and Marketing Director at Maguari, said: “The entire Nanami range is beautiful, and we are delighted to be able to offer key pieces to our customers. We particularly love this item which we think has the potential to become a staple must-have for style-conscious mums when it comes to choosing a Feeding Pillow.”

For more information contact Maguari on 01923 592170.

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Bébé au Lait

One of Maguari’s best loved brands, Bébé au Lait is renowned for its feeding covers but has recently introduce some beautiful new products to its ever-expanding range.

The 2-in-1 infinity breastfeeding scarves not only provide an easy to use nursing cover for breastfeeding when out and about, but they’re also the perfect wardrobe accessory for Mum, both during and after pregnancy!

With its infinity wrap design, the Bébé au Lait Nursing Scarves are oversized, giving adjustable, comfortable coverage from front to back and complete privacy when breastfeeding.

The scarves are available in a choice of two fabrics: stretchy, breathable jersey for warmth and comfort and cool muslin for the warmer months of the year. Both products come in a range of stylish colourways.

Then there’s the Bebe au Lait nursing pillow designed for comfort, practicality and ultimate style, in a range of fabrics to complement the range.

Match with the extensive offering of muslin swaddles and blankets, Bébé au Lait offers retailers a gorgeous range of stylish and beautifully packaged nursing items that appeal to mums as well as those seeking to buy an appealing baby shower or new born gift.

For further information, please contact Maguari sales on or telephone 01293 592170.

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