t would be a safe bet that the majority of the customers in nursery retailers are pregnant, so don't ignore the opportunities to sell the new mum some things for herself!

As anyone who has been pregnant will tell you getting comfortable is one of the biggest problems in pregnancy. Tossing and turning isn't so easy with that huge bump in front. And in recent years there has been an explosion of pillows which are just the job. Some are designed specifically for supporting the bump; others have a dual role supporting baby when feeding, and other pillows are designed specifically to support baby both during feeding and afterwards. These products often need to have their use explained to potential customers - and I would bet that this is one product that mum will thank you for talking her into!!!!

Underwear is another potential goldmine. At this time, many women feel decidedly ugly, so pretty underwear can be a great morale booster. But to get the right fit a bra needs expert advice and fitting so while this isn't the easiest product to sell online, it is a great little earner for bricks and mortar shops.

Maybe selling a range of fashionable maternity wear is beyond many nursery retailers - it's more often to be found in a corner of the fashion shops - it doesn't mean that you can't sell a range of basics. These are important to mums who cannot afford to completely revamp their wardrobe at this time but basics are often overlooked by the fashion houses.

Although many retailers consider themselves to be shops full of things for baby, it would be folly to miss out on this lucrative sector.

Danger to unborn babies prevented by Clippasafe Bump Belt

For pregnant women, seat belts positioned over the abdomen are not only uncomfortable, but also pose a significant risk to a foetus in the event of an abrupt stop.

The pressure of the seat belt can cause significant harm and even fatality to the unborn infant, as it is absorbed through the abdomen and womb instead of the hips.

The Bump Belt from Clippasafe is a simple yet effective way to protect unborn babies from the potential danger posed by a seatbelt in the event of a vehicle collision. It is designed to reduce the movement of seat belts over the abdomen, avoiding the need for constant re-positioning. Suitable for use from two months pregnant and up to birth, the Bump Belt is used with a regular seat belt to help keep the strap in the safest place.

Dr. Karen Joash, Consultant Obstetrician at the Portland Hospital in London explained the danger posed by incorrectly positioned seatbelts: “It’s similar to being struck across the bump with extreme force and pressure. Major injuries can lead to the waters breaking too early. It can also result in placental injuries leading to bleeding and early placental separation, reducing the oxygen supply and in extreme injuries – unfortunately the death of the unborn baby.”

Research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that female drivers in their second trimester of pregnancy are 42% more likely to be involved in a multi-vehicle collision. The research suggests the increase could be due to cognitive lapses that occur during pregnancy as well as fatigue, sleep deprivation and nausea. This makes it even more vital for women to protect their bumps whilst driving or travelling in a car.

Designed to be as comfortable and simple to use as possible, the Bump Belt has undergone independent testing to ensure it doesn’t affect the effectiveness and integrity of the seat belt, meaning that mother and baby can both be protected in the event of a collision.

The Bump Belt has an RRP of £24.99 and is part of the extensive auto range.

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Award-winning breastfeeding

The Bshirt is a multi-award-winning breastfeeding vest top designed to improve women’s confidence breastfeeding in public.

The Lift the Flap top looks just like a normal vest top so can be worn on its own or underneath a mother’s favorite clothes. Made in a range of colours from wardrobe staples like black and white to something brighter, it’s designed to be worn with regular clothes to enable new mums to keep their sense of personal style and feel like themselves again.

When baby wants to feed, it really is as simple as lifting the flap to allow mum to unclip her nursing bra and letting her little one to latch on easily.

The Bshirt is ethically made with super-soft organic cotton and is available in sizes 6 to 20. The brand is a social business founded by two mumpreneurs with many years of breastfeeding experience between them, who have made it their mission to help to normalise breastfeeding in the UK. The Bshirt has been proven to improve confidence breastfeeding in public, with 83% of customers feeling more confident after wearing their Bshirt.

The Bshirt has won multiple Gold and Platinum awards including ‘Best Breastfeeding Clothing Brand’, ‘Best Nursing Top’ and ‘Consumer’s Choice’.

The Bshirt is available to buy online at and is available to buy wholesale. The Bshirt is the perfect item to stock if you don’t want a lot of maternity clothing on display but still want to offer breastfeeding mothers a wardrobe staple product that can transform their lives. The Bshirt is organic cotton and ethically manufactured, so suits an ethical consumer profile. Boxes and displays can be provided on request.

Please get in touch with for our lookbook and wholesale price list.

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ClevaMama® Mum2Me - Maternity Pillow & Sleep Pod

Multi-award winner and voted by experts and real parents as the Best Pregnancy Pillow at MadeForMums Awards 2018, ClevaMama®’s Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Sleep Pod was designed to solve a problem and especially to make mum’s life easier.

Whilst many maternity pillows and sleep pods already exist in the market, no other product combines both functions into one well-executed design. Using a simple and great idea, this intelligent design offers the ultimate in comfort and support for Mum and baby.

The Mum2Me Pod supports mum`s entire body from back to bump, hips and knees during those times when getting comfortable seems impossible. After baby is born, it gives baby a safe and snug sleeping pod. Use open as a full body pillow whilst pregnant or use closed position as a sleep pod for a safe and cosy environment.

The mattress pad is made using ClevaFoam® technology, which is scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on the back of baby's head by 50% and increase support by 80% thereby helping to prevent Flat Head Syndrome.

The portable pod is perfect for use around the home or when travelling, great for tummy time, as the bumper acts like an underarm support.

Features include:

  • Tested & certified breathable baby nest
  • Lightweight & portable
  • 100% soft jersey cotton removable & machine washable cover
  • Product dimensions: 60 x 104 cm

The Mum2Me can be used from pregnancy up to 12 months (this will vary from baby to baby).

RRP: £89.99
+353 1 8770724

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Simple practicality

breastvest is a simple and truly practical piece of breastfeeding underwear which makes any top a breastfeeding top.

This gives mums the chance to open the doors to their pre-pregnancy wardrobe and breastfeed in public with confidence.

Designed, tested and applauded by breastfeeding mums, the award-winning breastvest scoops just below the nursing bra, is held in place by straps and covers the postnatal tummy, so mums can lift up whatever top they are wearing, safe in the knowledge that breastvest has them covered.

breastvest has been specifically designed to feel like a second skin, so mums can just put it on in the morning and forget about any worries of exposing anything they’d rather keep under wraps.

Because of its under-bust design, there’s no worries about breastvest getting tangled up with the nursing bra… meanwhile its adjustable straps ensure it stays exactly where it should be.

Mums who choose breastvest are good to breastfeed whenever, wherever and wearing whatever they want, with confidence.

Made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane, the soft and stretchy fabric holds its shape brilliantly, so mums can wear their breastvests from the latter stages of pregnancy – where it doubles up as a bump cover, bridging the gap between tops and bottoms – all the way through their breastfeeding journey.

At just £15, breastvest offers breastfeeding mums a powerful combination of body confidence, style choice and value for money.

Because our customers quickly realise breastvest is an every day essential, the average purchase sees mums buying at least two breastvests to ensure there’s always one in their drawer, waiting to make breastfeeding easier.

Available in black and white in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, breastvest is one piece of breastfeeding underwear, offering endless style options.

For more information, visit

Trade enquiries should be directed to:

Sam Telfer
M: 07920 748789

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Aqua Wipes - kind to newborn skin...AND the environment

Wet wipes are an essential item for parents and parents-to-be. From tackling nappy changing to cleaning messy faces, mopping up spills and wiping sticky fingers.

However, their existence is now under scrutiny due to the damage they are having on the environment and the realisation that, like so many other everyday throwaway items, they contain plastic.

According to Water UK1, the trade body representing the main water and sewerage companies in the country, wet wipes are not only responsible for a staggering 93% of blockages in UK sewers, they are also the primary component of the infamous giant obstacles known as ‘fatbergs’.

However, for parents who can’t be without their trusty packet of baby wipes by their side, there is an alternative! Aqua Wipes are the new fully biodegradable baby wipes created to be kind to the environment AND baby’s skin.

These revolutionary wipes do not use plastic-based materials and contain more than 99% purified water with an organic Aloe Vera extract formulation. Used by special care baby units, neonatal and maternity departments across the NHS and registered with the Vegan Society, Aqua Wipes are created with the environment in mind, while caring for even the most delicate newborn skin.

Dr Mark Little, Founder, Aqua Wipes commented: “When we developed Aqua Wipes we wanted to create a baby wipe that was different. By using a biodegradable fabric we knew we could minimise the amount of cleansing ingredients used every day on a baby’s skin, which in turn would reduce the chance of irritation and allergies, while also being kind to the environment. In fact, the preservative we use in Aqua Wipes is a Food Grade preservative, approved for use in foods as well as cosmetics.”

Aqua Wipes are available in the following four pack sizes:

  • Single 64-wipe pack
  • 256-wipe Value Bag (4 packs of 64 wipes)
  • 144-wipe Value Travel Pack (12 packs of 12 wipes)
  • 768-wipe Value pack (12 packs of 64 wipes)

For trade enquiries or to become a distributor please call 0845 838 7120 or email

Image Credit: @harlenbodhiwhite Credit: @leeleeloves

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Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow a must-have for Mums to be

The multi-award-winning Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow continues to win industry and consumer accolades as it helps more and more pregnant women get a restful, comfortable night’s sleep.

Unlike other pregnancy pillows on the market, the unique Dreamgenii moulds around mum and her bump, supporting the back and knees as the pregnancy progresses and sleeping becomes more difficult. The comfortable pillow also helps her to sleep on her left side which helps optimise foetal positioning for baby which encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby. Recent research suggests that sleeping on the side while pregnant reduces the risk of still birth.

1 in 4 pregnant women can suffer from SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which causes pain and discomfort in the pelvic area, particularly the midline joint that connects the left and right pubic bones. To ease symptoms, healthcare professionals often recommend sleeping on the left side and the tail of the dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow has been designed to neatly and compactly sit between the legs, while helping to effectively align hips and provide the necessary relief without taking all the room up in the bed!

The Dreamgenii comes in an array of stylish designs with removable washable cotton fabric covers in fashion-led designs to complement any bedroom or nursery. There is also a sumptuous white jersey fabric which is comfortable and cool fabric making the Dreamgenii a must-have from the second trimester onwards. Choose from grey and white floral motif and an abstract nature design in both grey/green and grey/coral. There is also a stunning geo cotton pattern in neutral grey/aqua.

For more information contact Central Medical Supplies Ltd on 01538 399541.

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Love Your Bump

Love Your Bump makes practical and stylish essentials for modern mums and expectant mums-to-be, supporting women through the all-important stages of pregnancy.

Combining unique designs and comfort, the range includes the iconic Love Your Bump BellyBelt which cleverly adds inches to every mum-to-be’s favourite jeans. The stretchy, adjustable BellyBelt kit is really simple and works with any button or slide fly fastening. The handy kit even includes a fabric cover up in three different colours (blue, black and white) to fill the gap created by the open zip.

Also included in the range is a Bando band, a super soft, stretchy maternity support band for growing bumps, a SuperBra for both nursing and maternity to support sensitive, growing breasts and must-have staple, Black Maternity SoftTights.

With something for every mum-to-be, Love Your Bump really is a one-stop shop for maternity essentials!
01730 895 761

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This bra is a game changer for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, taking support to another level

Winning the Mumii Consumer Choice Awards for the second year in a row for the Best Maternity/Nursing brand, the Mumba Bra® continues to be a hit with breastfeeding mums.

With an outstanding 100% of mums saying that they would recommend the Mumba Bra® to another mum, this bra is loved when tried and tested.

Made using luxuriously soft advance 4-way stretch fabric, the Mumba Bra® takes mums from pregnancy to nursing and provides maximum comfort throughout pregnancy as it adjusts with a mums’ changing body.

This unique bra takes support to another level, by incorporating three unique features to aid successful breastfeeding. These include:

  • The unique Mumba® clasp, which helps mums simply track which breast to feed baby from next. 
  • The BabyFocus® print, which uses an original black and white pattern to stimulate, calm and focus baby at every feed.
  • The drop cup opening which is easy to use with one hand, provides mums with discreet feeding when open, giving her the confidence to breastfeed in public.
  • The Mumba Bra® seamlessly transitions from an everyday support bra to a comfortable sleep bra and a breastfeeding aid bra to support mums when they need it most.

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