Christmas Gifts

hristmas is coming – and what better way to celebrate than having a selection of suitable gifts in what is often a quiet time for nursery retailers.

When baby gifts are mentioned, retailers often think of things such as decorated china or bracelets and other pieces of jewellery – small, expensive (and it must be said, generally useless) things that are a target for a shoplifter and often don’t sell. But there is still a wide range of alternatives.

Thinking about present buying has brought me to the conclusion that there are two main types of present buyers. The first is the person who is looking for a specific present for a specific person – usually at a specific price. Sometimes they can be persuaded to spend a little more if they are convinced that the item is just what is needed, but often they are constrained not only by what they can afford but also by a ‘social contraint’– they need to spend enough so that they are not thought of as mean; but not too much as it becomes embarrassing for the recipient!

The second sort of buyer is the ‘impulse’ buyer – they see something nice and buy it! These tend to be at the lower price points and can be frivolous rather than practical! And of course, the giver and the receiver can be one and the same person – we all need to treat ourselves occasionally!

So what does this mean for the nursery retailer? For the impulse buyer, suitable products need to be on display where they are seen by casual passer-bys. For the planned purchase, we need a selection at a variety of price points.

One key element as to what makes a product suitable for a gift is the packaging. The perfect product in a tatty box just isn’t on. A useless product in a beautiful box all tied up with ribbon is much more acceptable! More mundane products can easily be turned into a more acceptable gift, especially if you have the wherewithall to gift wrap. If you can learn a bit about the mechanics of wrapping though I concede that gift wrspping a pushchair might present some difficulties. If you can do a better job than your average punter then you could always charge a small fee for it!

Dazzle Friends from Benbat

The Dazzle Friends range from Benbat is a full range of developmental toys with a unique look and feel, that all include Benbat’s dazzle effect.

Natural light shines through specially processed material to create fascinating light and colour effects to catch the eye with every move.

Offering age appropriate challenges, which encourage babies to explore and develop their emotional, cognitive and physical skills, these compact toys provide a wealth of stimuli both amusing and developing babies at the same time.

For more information about the Dazzle Friends range visit or email:

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Red Ball Ornament from Pearhead

This festive red ball ornament from Pearhead is the perfect decoration for a tree or the home during the holiday season. And it’s customizable!

With 100% baby safe white paint included simply put the paint on baby’s hand and then press baby’s hand on the ornament. Once dry, (12 – 48 hours later), write baby’s name and hang.

Pearhead’s babyprints red ball ornament makes for an ideal decoration on the tree and a wonderful keepsake to cherish a little one’s piggies.

For further products available in the Pearhead Christmas range visit and for sales enquiries email:

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Swaddle from L’il Fraser

Dedicated for quality and excellence, L’il Fraser is a proudly owned Australian company which has paved its way as the go-to brand for baby swaddles and toy comforters.

Designed to accommodate babies of all shapes and sizes, L’il Fraser swaddle wraps are as soft and gorgeous as they are practical. Enabling easy and hip-healthy swaddling of all sizes, the L’il Fraser baby swaddle wraps allow for a natural sleep position but can be also used as an ideal feeding shawl, light cot blanket, security blanket or play rug.

Made from pure cotton jersey, the L’il Fraser swaddle wrap is both light and breathable making it warm in winter and cool in summer. With many gorgeous designs available the L’il Fraser swaddle collection is ideal to compliment any nursery.

For further product information on the the L’il Fraser range visit and for sales enquiries email

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Je Porte Mon Bébé, Parents but not only…

Je Porte Mon Bébé® JPMBB from Paris, winner for the Best Babycarrier & Best Babysling in the Made 4 Mums Awards 2018, gives parents the best choices to carry their babies both in comfort and ergonomically.

Well known for the beautiful color combinations from subtle to intense, JPMBB already offers four “BabyCarriers for everyone”: The Original, The Basic, The Little Wrap Without a Knot and the PhysioCarrier.

But the big news is the launch of their new baby carrier, The Hoodie Carrier.

The Hoodie Carrier was invented, designed and manufactured by JPMBB, so obviously it’s a natural extension of the same DNA as our other baby carriers.

Quality, reasonable price, respect for physiology and practicality – these are its built-in features. We’re not talking about a baby carrier made out of sweatshirt material, which would not be suitable for carrying. It is made of a 3D breathable all-seasons material offering a soft and slightly stretchy wrap-like feeling – OekoTex 100.

With this baby carrier, we wanted to give parents a tool that blends even more subtly into the world of today’s parents, without cramping their style or imposing the childcare look.

All our babycarriers are certified by OekoTex and the HipDysplasia Institute.

If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact Sophie at

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Perfect gifts to help with sleeping at Christmas

Find the perfect present for all the little ones this Christmas with the Zazu selection of gifts.

A gorgeous selection of Xmas gifting ideas that won’t break the budget, Zazu make clever, design-led sleep products with the simple aim of helping parents and young children to get more sleep.

Meet Max, Bo & Katie – Musical Nightlights. RRP £29.99

Max, Bo and Katie are here to help baby scare the monsters away during dark nights. A glowing light comes from their bellies to create a soft nightlight, activated by squeezing. The light comes with two brightness settings and can play a selection of three different songs: lullabies, lounge music and nature sounds, with two volume settings.

Kiki the Kitten – Sound and Light Projector. RRP £31.99

Kiki the Kitten Star Projector will transform a child's bedroom into a magical starry night sky, whilst playing a choice of soothing melodies to help them drift off. Kiki has a range of sounds: heartbeat, nature sounds or gentle lounge music, as well as an energy saving auto shut off feature. Kiki can also be voice activated and the star projector will switch on if your baby starts crying.

Find out more about the range at

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Polar highlights from Taf Toys

Taf Toys proudly introduce highlights from their North Pole collection, ideal for gifting during the festive period.

Focussing on textures, developmental activities and auditory stimulation, these products are delightfully engaging whilst supporting the Taf Toys ‘Easier Parenting’ philosophy. Featuring adorable new characters such as Prince the Penguin and Star the Sealion, the collection is a gorgeous addition to the range.

Penguin Play and Kick Car Toy is an adorable activity centre designed to hang in front of babies in a rear facing car seat. Music and lights are activated by kicking against the footpad, teaching cause and effect. The travel toy also features a light up hat, dangling baby-safe mirror and a rattling fish toy to keep babies entertained on car journeys!

The North Pole Four Seasons Mat is a beautifully illustrated play mat specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of new-borns. The mat is thickly padded, making it super cosy for little ones, and the side panels can be raised to create a cosy environment or lowered for a generously sized play area. The mat features two peek-a-boo crinkling flaps and two detachable, double-sided, multi-sensory activity toys: Prince the Penguin with a bead-filled clear ring rattle and a rainbow baby-safe mirror with colourful ribbons.

Another star of this new collection is Prince the Penguin Baby Soother - a delightful first toy for babies that can soothe and calm at bedtime and entertain during the day with its soft music and light-up tummy. Including two modes – ‘soothing mode’ and ‘light mode’, a built-in sound sensor reactivates the music and lights when babies start crying, helping soothe them back to sleep.

Tel: 01254 872454

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A baby gift made with bundles of care and goodness

Harry & Rose is a Luxury Baby Skincare developed in the UK and made with a host of natural, pure and organic ingredients.

We believe that what goes on baby’s skin should be lovingly formulated and of excellent quality. Offering a complete range of baby skincare products that have been uniquely developed to bring a sense of well-being, with carefully chosen ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin, suitable for new-borns and are properly tested for sensitive skin.

We pride ourselves in offering safe and dermatologically tested products, placing every effort in creating baby skincare formulations that are far from average, with amazing performance, affordable and beautiful presentation. Our focus is on quality and care, placing every effort to ensure the highest quality ingredients and overall performance of our products.

The range is free from Parabens, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, Dyes, Mineral Oils or Fragrance Allergens, because what we put on our skin matters. With carefully chosen ingredients that nourish and protect sensitive skin including: calendula, coconut, chamomile, cottonseed, aloe vera and sunflower. All Goodness, Natural Luxury with a gentle pH that is soft enough for daily use and suitable for new-borns and babies with sensitive skin.

Our product range is enhanced by a selection of elegant giftsets – a perfect gift for new parents welcoming their beautiful baby to the world. Our luxury baby gift sets are the ideal baby present for new-borns, new parents, baby showers, mother and baby. Beautifully presented in white elegant gift boxes for a special baby treat.

Customers can show their love with a thoughtful baby present that includes all essential products for a healthy baby skincare routine. Made with natural, pure and organic ingredients that help leave skin hydrated, nurtured and amazingly soft.

We are proud of our quality British manufacturing, which truly delivers high safety standards and it echoes our brand origins. We incorporate all things baby natural whilst offering premium quality products at affordable prices. Made with bundles of care and goodness - a gift made with bundles of goodness.

Discover a Luxury treat for beautiful babies. Visit for more product details.

RRP of £23 for either gift set.

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