hose little feet may be irresistible for kissing and there are some equally adorable shoes to keep them warm. A good selection is imperative to help that bottom line.

Before babies start walking, they don't need shoes. In fact, hard-soled, supportive shoes can get in the way of a child's developing mobility. For warmth (and let’s face it, for looks) socks, booties, and soft-soled baby shoes are much better. Most mums will choose these baby shoes purely on looks and it is up to retailers and suppliers to make sure that these shoes do not harm these tiny growing feet.

Shoes with a soft, supple leather sole are ideal, allowing growing feet to feel the floor beneath them and also protect the feet of toddlers as they are gaining confidence. The uppers should also be very soft as baby’s skin is easily chafed. This is especially important with high-tops or boots around the ankles. Breathable materials are also a must. You'd be surprised at how gross those sweet baby feet can smell inside a sweaty shoe. Leather is a very popular material and is perfect for the job.

It is very important to get the correct size and buying a size larger to get more wear isn’t a good idea. On a younger baby, a shoe that is too big can easily come off. Wearing a shoe that is too large may cause a toddler to trip and fall. Make sure parents are buying the right size.

On the other hand, a shoe that is too small can cause just as many problems as it could rub on a baby’s delicate skin leading to sores and blisters.

However, design is probably the biggest draw. There are just sooooo many really cute shoes out there – how can anyone resist them? Many mums comment that they can’t choose – and end up buying more than one pair! A fashionista may well have to have several pairs!

So keep them on display, highly visible to all who venture into the shop (and visible in the window as well as shoes make a perfect present) and reap the rewards!

Sock Ons and Mocc Ons keep marching off the shelves!

Sock Ons are a fantastic low-cost, high-value nursery gadget, designed by a mum-of-six to combat that age-old problem of babies losing or pulling off their socks and are available in an array of colours to match every outfit!

Already loved by thousands of parents, Sock Ons help keep little socks in place!

Parents and gift buyers looking for something extra special to keep little toes toasty will love the new Ballerina and Cowboy range from Mocc Ons.

Mocc Ons are moccasin style slippers, designed to fit babies and toddlers from six months up to three years. They have proven to be an overwhelming success with many babies now boasting a collection of designs.

New seasons Mocc Ons are styled just like delicate pale pink ballet shoes and ensure babies and toddlers have warm and comfy feet as they dance around ththe house! They’re made of soft and stretchy cotton sock, stitched to a real leather sole, and are 100% machine washable!

And for those who like life on the ranch, Cow Boy and Cow Girl Mocc Ons are sure to be a great hit! These unique Mocc Ons® feature pale blues, pinks and browns and are styled to look like real cowboy boots. Yeeha!!

Mocc Ons are available in a range of different style – from sneakers to rainbows and make a perfect gift with a RRP from just £9.99


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Spotlight on Daisy Roots Shoes

Daisy Roots is the UK’s leading manufacturer of soft leather shoes for babies, toddlers and young children. Our shoes have a range of design features that make them the perfect first shoe.

To help toddlers to feel the floor as they find their feet each pair of Daisy Roots shoes has a non-slip suede sole. The elasticated ankle means that no matter how active the child, the shoes stay on. Daisy Roots shoes are easy to put on whilst being supple enough to allow little toes the room they need to stretch and grow. The soft leather we use allows little feet to breathe and helps make our shoes the closest thing to bare feet.

Daisy Roots shoes are perfect for little boys or girls, and are suitable from birth up to four years old. Our designs make great impulse buys and gifts. For added impact we have a range of display stands. The floor stand is free with order of 50 or more pairs, whilst the compact counter or table top display stand that is free with orders of 24 or more pairs.

For further information call Daisy Roots on 01604 880066 or visit

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Bobux launches ‘new-b’ – footwear for newborns

Bobux, creators of baby, toddler and pre-school shoes designed to mimic the freedom of barefoot, announces the launch of new-b, the latest addition to the Bobux family.

Designed for babies from 0-6 months, the new-b range is perfectly shaped to cocoon delicate newborn feet, so they are still free to grow and develop as nature intended.

Made from 100% genuine leather, Bobux new-b’s are ultra-soft, breathable and lightweight, allowing unrestricted kicking and wiggling.

A pair of new-b’s make the perfect gift for those looking to buy something special to celebrate a new arrival. New parents will love the cute designs and gorgeous colours in the range. Suitable for boys and girls there are four adorable collections – Babydoll, Tutti Frutti, Big Hitters and Icing on the Cake.

“At BoBobux we put feet first; everything we do comes from understanding and loving little feet! It’s crucial that shoes allow natural motion of a baby or toddler’s foot”, says Chris Bennett, founder and owner of Bobux International.

“Whilst the new-b range has been developed with newborn feet in mind it does so without compromising on style and the birth of this range has us all feeling like proud parents”.

Available in three sizes (newborn, 2-4 months and 4-6 months). RRP £26.00

For sales enquires contact

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British quality from Early Days

Early Days, the Leicester-based baby shoe manufacturers, have been manufacturing quality baby shoes in the UK for over 60 years. The company’s new Leather Collection has been a roaring success since its launch at Bubble earlier this year.

2013 has seen a massive 40% growth in the company’s export sales and this trend looks set to continue. The company puts this down to retailers switching from sourcing overseas as UK prices have become increasingly competitive in the world market.

The EaEarly Days range includes christening shoes, pram shoes and first walkers, all manufactured totally in the UK.

For a price list and catalogue please contact or telephone 01162 716944

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