ven from quite an early age, babies like to explore and discover things and toys are an important part of learning about the world and having fun. And once they grow into toddlers, toys that can keep them active are needed.

Children get bored quickly so need toys to occupy them. Many toys, however, mean that the child just sits around. With obesity on the rise, it’s important that children are kept active from an early age.

Baby walkers have lost a lot of their popularity. Since the late 1990’s there have been various reports on them not being safe with stories of toddlers falling down stairs or being burned in a fire. Of course, one has to ask the question: why were the stairs or the fire unprotected? Any child running around in that environment would have been injured.

When I did tried and tested features on baby walkers, it soon became apparent that the attraction was not the movement but the fact that there was plenty on the walker to keep them interested. So why have the movement at all? The result has been a number of different activity toys – some suited for the baby who can just about sit up with others for an older age group. Activity toys are a stroke of genius by whoever thought them up. Simple little things with spinners, rattles and flaps – anything that could be moved or would make a noise. We found these fascinating, and modern babies are no less inclined to be just as intrigued. Toys like these which are geared for certain times in a child’s development are designed to be interesting and fun to play with, and yet allow the child to learn basic things like shape and colour. These can have some movement – up and down so baby can jump is a favourite – but baby remains in the same place which makes it safer than a traditional baby walker. Check out the Rest & Play Walker/Jumper from East Coast.

Ride on toys are a favourite with slightly older children – my favourite has to be the Hippychick Wheelybug but then there is the HappyHopperz – oh dear, what a choice!

A gift of endless possibility

Guaranteed to be treasured by all ages - Pl-ug’s innovative den making kits make a wonderful gift and bring a favourite past time of all of us up to date. Transform any space indoor or out into a child’s very own unique hideaway!

The kits include all bits needed to make a hideaway of any shape or size – the possibilities are endless! The hooks, clamps and grips provided can be attached to any household object such as chairs or doors without damage on removal - place the canopy over the top and the den is ready to transform into any space the child wants to create, keeping them entertained for hours. The only limit is their imagination!

The Pl-ug kits come in three varying sizes:

  • The Den Kit - All the essentials 
  • The Canopy Den Kit - extra tent pegs and canopy
  • The Ultimate Den Kit - extra rods to create a bigger space to play!

For enquiries please call us on 01278434440 or email enquiries@hippychick.com

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You can ‘count’ on Boikido

Award winning, vibrant and incredibly interactive, the Boikido range from Hippychick brings together a fabulous collection of activity centre toys to spark creativity and learning within toddlers through play.

French designed and of a superior quality, these wooden toys are reliable well-built and extremely long lasting with a high quality finish – a perfect addition to any toy collection.

From shapes and numbers to music and puzzles, whatever intrigues a toddler Boikido have it covered. The vibrant counting station would take pride of place in any play space, and with five sides of different number activities, provides hours of fun filled learning. Budding musicians will love the Percussion activity table. Complete with a xylophone table top and drumsticks its sturdy wooden design can withstand even the most enthusiastic little drummers while developing melody and rhythm.

Boikido also offer a wide range of smaller play toys and puzzles including musical blocks, pull along trains and puzzles - fun and imaginative gifts for little hands.

For all enquires and more information on the full Boikido range please contact Hippychick on 01278 434440 or email enquiries@hippychick.com

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A real mover

Exclusively distributed by Hippychick, Wheelybugs really do have a mind of their own. These multi directional ride on toys, available in eight different styles provide the limitless mobility and independence that toddlers love.

The multi award winning design provides excellent manoeuvrability, not just moving back and forward, but round and round too – meaning no pushing from mum and dad whilst building spacial awareness and confidence through play.

Each vibrant Wheelybug is as unique as the toddler that plays with it. Available in two sizes, Small (suitable for 1-3 years) and Large (suitable for 2-5 years) and with styles ranging from pink pigs to stripy tigers there is a Wheelybug for every child. With a robust wooden frame and comfy spongy seat these bugs are built to last and will become a treasured member of any toy box, growing with the child.

Designs available include – Mouse, Bee, Pig, Tiger, Ladybird and Cow (available in small and large sizes)

Available now in plush with removable washable covers that can interchange to instantly transform a bug - Hedgehog and Panda (only available in small size).

For any enquiries please call 01278 434440 or email enquiries@hippychick.com

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H&Co to inspire sense with new Sassy Gear A/W15!

Hardenberg&Co are delighted to present the UK with a new Inspire the Senses Collection from Sassy this Autumn/Winter 15.

Full of creativity and innovation with a real purpose to develop all aspects of baby’s senses through sound, touch, sight and taste.

With 25 years of experience under their belt, Sassy create trusted toys that not only infants love, but parents too because safety comes first.

The Pop Up Playmat (RSP £59.99) is the new exciting Playmat which pops opens and folds away neatly into its travel bag in just seconds! It’s home to an adorable troop of cheeky monkeys sure to bring fun and enjoyment to playtime. A beautiful multi-sensory environment with detachable take away toys, safe cocooning sides, tactile stimulation, removable hanging bars and a large soft playmat that’s perfect for developing your baby’s Vision, Hearing, Taste and Touch.

Inspire the Senses Bounce Around (£89.99) This award-winning activity centre offers high-contrast colours, bold patterns and fun textures that will inspire baby’s senses. A 360 degree rotating seat lets baby exercise whilst having fun with the sensory toys and teethers included. The seat is machine washable and has height adjust to grow with baby. Safe and sturdy and designed with excellence, it’s a perfect spot for baby to explore, be inspired and have fun!

Also in the collection: Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat (£34.99) Tummy time has never been so fun or comfy! Sensory Gym Playmat (£49.99) A bold and multi-sensory place to play and workout! And Lastly, Seat Doorway Jumper (£39.99) for bouncing fun at home!

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